libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2020-03-17

Centurion_Danquick question, do we have an iso/flash image that is similar to systemrescue cd?22:30
masonCenturion_Dan: fsmithred's live images can do that sort of role22:35
fsmithredhi Centurion_Dan22:36
fsmithredwhat rescue functions do you want?22:36
Centurion_Danntfs read and write, ddrescue, smartmonutils, grub installer, efi tools, file recovery tools...22:40
fsmithredget a refracta iso22:41
fsmithredthe grub installer is command-line22:41
fsmithredlook at the testing folder for beowulf isos22:41
fsmithredif you need a 5.x kernel, look in experimental22:42
fsmithredgot one there with beowulf-backports kernel22:43
fsmithredoh, nm. The one with bpo doesn't have everything22:44
fsmithredbut the xfce should have all you want (testdisk/photorec, ddrescue, smartmontools, hwinfo, lots more)22:44
Centurion_Danwe should do a devuan rescue tools image -  including a smart grub config.22:45
Centurion_DanI had a real issue installing win10 on a slightly older motherboard that wouldn't efi or legacy boot the installer from a flash drive.  I ended up creating a minimal grub partition to bootstrap the windows 10 installer.  Would have been nice to have a flash drive with a minimal rescue partition including grub and be able to add other partitions grub would detect and offer as boot options.22:45
Centurion_DanBTW, I tried the beowulf beta and was saddened to see it still uses slim instead of LDM for normal desktop installs....22:47
Centurion_Danother then that the install seemed to go well, but I haven't actually logged in yet...22:48
fsmithredonly xfce gets slim22:48
fsmithredyou used grub, bootstrap and windows10 in the same sentence. Did I go through the looking glass?22:49
Centurion_Danhmmm...  i guess if we don't keep slim then consolekit2 doesn't have much reason to exist...22:49
fsmithredit keeps some people happy22:50
fsmithredwho don't want elogind22:50
Centurion_Danfsmithred: client system needs clean install of windows 10.  Not my choice, I just get paid to do it, and this is a long time client that pays well.22:50
fsmithredwe need to get the netinstall rescue mode to have sex with a refracta no-x iso and give birth to a really cool rescue CD22:51
onefangThen I can add it to Magic Pixie Dust.  B-)22:51
fsmithredwhat's that?22:51
fsmithredI've heard you mention it before.22:52
fsmithred(yes, this is virtual reality - I can hear with my eyes.)22:52
onefangMy collection of twenty something distros on a micro-SD card,  that includes things like rescue images.22:52
fsmithredI like that rescue mode will present systems and ask what you want to mount and chroot into22:53
fsmithredincluding lvm or raid22:53
fsmithredCenturion_Dan, if you want a bootable usb with grub, it's not difficult to make22:55
onefangMicro-SD card + one of those micro-SD card to USB converters that's not much bigger than a micro-SD card, and I can carry the world in my wallet, boot it on most things.22:55
fsmithredthe dev1usb image uses grub, but it just has the stock live isos on it22:55
fsmithredI'll be in the kitchen for a little while22:57
* golinux loves slim. Non-negotiable on the default23:40

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