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LeePengolinux: if we want bug subscription to work, we will need to setup the mailing list manager to handle it.12:13
LeePenIs that mailman?12:13
EvilhamLeePen: currently yes, and its at dynes and changing it is tricky14:58
fsmithredstill no keyboard in the installer. Testing the 2/14 amd64 server right now. Tested on uefi and bios (on different computers)15:52
fsmithredam I the only one who's having this problem?15:52
joshbowyerso i made a devuan wallpaper16:08
joshbowyerthe only question i have as far as offering it, is that the base image i used from the internet has no author16:09
joshbowyerand is listed as "free" and "open" on most wallpaper sites16:09
joshbowyerso how would the licensing work? or is it a no-go unless i somehow find the original artist and ask for it to be available under gnu?16:09
kilobyteyou need a license, author may be unknown -- as long as there's a reasonable assumption no copyright assertion is missing16:13
kilobyteie, an anonymous work with a proper license grant is still ok16:13
joshbowyerah cool, i found its under CC license16:22
joshbowyerwait it gets better, i found the author and hes a huge linux guy, gonna see if i can get a gnu attestation16:29
xrogaanwhat is the image btw?16:34
joshbowyerthe base image or the wallpaper i made?16:38
joshbowyeralso found the guy and emailed him asking for permission or GNU licensure, thankfully i speak spanish lol16:38
joshbowyerbase image is here:
joshbowyermy rendition is here:
xrogaanyou put a purple filter over it?16:45
fsmithredThe original color is similar to the color chosen for chimaera's theme.16:47
joshbowyeryeah i just put a filter and the logo, didnt do too much to it16:49
joshbowyerif the artist agrees then we could use it for chimaera too, just leave it the default color (or slightly alter it) and have the logo on it16:50
joshbowyerif the devs want it, anyway16:50
joshbowyeri just figured devuan could use some pleasant space-themed wallpapers with the logo16:50
joshbowyersince its theme is space, after all16:50
fsmithredunlikely that it will be the default16:50
joshbowyercertainly not default16:50
joshbowyerjust available in the wallpaper list for backgrounds etc16:51
joshbowyeri come from mint personally, and one thing i liked was how many pleasant wallpapers came pre-installed16:51
fsmithredmaybe there should be an online repo of contributed artwork16:51
golinuxLeePen: I have very limited access to Dyne's mailman.  I suggest we set something up independent of dyne.17:15
golinuxIt also is not set up for smtp.17:16
golinuxfsmithred: There is a section in friendsofdevuan wiki for wallpapers.17:17
golinuxJosh could also post it on the forum, maybe even start a thread.17:18
golinux<fsmithred> [09:47:33] The original color is similar to the color chosen for chimaera's theme.17:21
golinuxNot even close17:21
fsmithredI knew you would say that17:21
golinuxThose colors are eye-shattering17:21
golinuxGreat for hanging over a crib to get baby's attention.17:22
golinuxjoshbowyer: There is a section in friendsofdevuan wiki for wallpapers.  You could also post wallpapers on the forum, maybe even start a thread.17:23
fsmithredthe chimaera color is duller and greener, but they are similar colors17:25
joshbowyerill go take a look17:25
joshbowyerside note: how do you pronounce chimaera17:25
joshbowyersince we americans spell it chimera and pronounce it SHIH-mare-uh17:26
golinuxYou can't hear me on irc17:26
joshbowyeris it kih-MIE-ruh?17:26
golinuxHard C17:26
golinuxSince we already have ceres which is a soft "c"17:26
golinuxThat minor planet was probably named by a Brit.  LOL!17:27
golinuxThis will be the chimaera palette or something very close:
joshbowyerlook what i found on the gitlab17:29
joshbowyerEach release has a signature color.17:29
joshbowyerFor JESSIE that is purpy and it is #7b7691.17:29
joshbowyerFor ASCII that is darkpurpy17:29
joshbowyerIn reserve is leafy and it is #b5d147.17:29
joshbowyeri assume "leafy" became beowulf? lol17:29
joshbowyeroh wait leafy will be the theme name for beowulf17:30
joshbowyerexcept it looks like it became cinnabar17:30
golinuxYeah . . . leafy was going to be for jessie but there were too many objections.17:30
joshbowyerthere is nothing for chimaera in here, so i cant see the color scheme :/17:31
golinuxThat's as far as it's gotten17:31
golinuxInspired by this magnificent beast
golinuxtheme will be deepsea17:32
joshbowyerah cool17:33
joshbowyerknowing the theme helps17:33
golinuxAll the devuan documentation has been moved to here:
golinuxfrom here:
joshbowyerok just for fun i modified the wallpaper to reflect the chimaera color scheme17:37
golinuxSorry . . . not even close.  Well, kind of on the continent.  Someone may like it.17:38
golinuxMaybe you could start a thread for wallpapers in the forum.  I don't remember there being one.17:39
joshbowyeryeah its a little hard to darken it without butchering it lol17:39
golinuxBut then I can be forgetful.  There is one for sharing desktops17:39
golinuxTell me about it17:40
golinuxI obsess over on increment in the hex.17:40
golinuxon > one17:40
joshbowyerbut then again, if the base color is #032430 then anything using that as a majorly present color fits the theme i guess17:40
golinuxHow about one or two increments in the hex.17:41
golinuxBut do your thing, post it and someone will use it.17:42
joshbowyertry the link again, any closer?17:45
xrogaanthis might need to be added to the main website :P17:52
xrogaanThing is, compiling a list of useful links might be a great idea too.17:52
golinuxI must have removed it because it was getting so stale17:53
xrogaanI don't have time to design a website though.17:53
golinuxYou really should read the meet notes.  New website is under construction17:54
joshbowyerare the meet notes the ones on that cryptpad?17:54
golinuxThey are archived here:
golinuxHaven't heard from Evilham in days though so don't know how the backend setup for the new site is going.17:56
golinuxI have been reorganizing content.17:58
joshbowyerif anybody's interested i made a variant for ascii, beowulf, and chimaera, along with the krita file, here:
golinuxPlease post to the forum.18:09
joshbowyerwill do18:09
rrqfsmithred: trying to invent a way to test or trace ...22:47
fsmithredrrq, I installed from one usb stick to another. That was easier than finding a free partition on one of the many hard drives laying around.22:48
rrqafaik uefi boot uses grub and has "all" grub modules22:54
fsmithredyeah, it looks like they are there.22:55
fsmithredkeyboard.mod is definitely there. I tried loading it from grub prompt but failed.22:56
fsmithredit says it can't find keyboard.mod, and it gives the full path to the file in the message.22:56
fsmithredalso, I got the same problem on non-uefi computer22:57
fsmithredalso tried two different usb sticks22:57
rrqmmm. it's the "standard" set up: with the efi boot loader in that FAT partition, and then relies on (also) mounting the disk as CD for the root file system. I.e. the first partition starts at dector 0.23:02
rrqwhat was that path it complained on?23:11
fsmithredmight have been /boot/grub/x86_blah23:32
fsmithredI think $prefix was /boot or /boot grub which might do exactly that23:33
fsmithredsorry, /boot/grub/23:34
rrqyes it sets "prefix=($root)/boot/grub"23:35
fsmithredI'm putting the server iso on a stick again.23:36
fsmithredwill get to grub prompt and see what I can find.23:36
rrqthe "last" grub command in the boot loader is "(memdisk)/boot/grub"23:38
fsmithredcue twilight zone music23:40
fsmithredecho $prefix23:40
rrqor "last line of the grub config that is packed into the boot loader"23:41
fsmithredinsmod keyboard23:41
rrqyes maybe it should be "($root)/boot/grub" rather23:41
fsmithred /boot/grub/x86_64-efi/keyboard.mod not found23:42
fsmithredset prefix=(hd0)23:42
fsmithredinsmod keyboard23:42
rrqI can do all those :) random scripting ftw23:42
fsmithred /x86_64-efi/keyboard.mod not found23:42
fsmithredwhy does it insist on looking in the wrong place?23:43
rrqneeds "prefix=(hd0)/boot/grub"23:43
fsmithredthat's what it was to start23:43
fsmithredI fail to see the logic in the output I got23:44
rrqseems "prefix" is supposed to tell a root filesystem path for grubbiness23:46
rrqthe iso has a very first command "search --file --set=root /.disk/info" which defines what $root is23:47
rrqaka the "device" holding the root file system23:47
rrqwill be partition 1 = the cdrom = starting swector 023:48
fsmithredoops. keyboard.mod is not on this one23:48
fsmithredthere's keylayouts.mod and keystatus.mod23:49
rrqmmm biab23:50
fsmithredusb_keyboard.mod is there, insmod usb_keyboard works (no error), boot from grub prompt works, but still no keyboard in the installer.23:59

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