libera/#devuan-dev/ Saturday, 2020-02-01

golinuxI'm not sure what your trying to find.  That does does not exist in the source tree.  There is  download/media   Maybe you're looking for  ?00:13
golinuxDuh . . thank you!00:15
gnu_srsgolinux: The link existed yesterday evening when clicking on download at the end of the page of;10:22
gnu_srsToday it is linked correctly to:
golinuxgnu_srs: Thanks for letting me know where you found the incorrect link. rrq put a redirect on to but I will also change in that partial fragment of code.17:08
golinuxThe Devuan website could use a massive overhaul as it is not maintainer-friendly.  It has proven to be an obstacle to more than one volunteer.  I don't understand every part of it but have learned to work with it over the years.17:12
gnu_srsHave yo decided what to do with eudev and udev for Beowulf? That answer is resolving a lot of questions about my future engagement involvement in Devuan!22:23
gnu_srsNo eudev or udev packages have migrated to Buowulf even after 5 days, see
Evilhamgnu_srs: the proposal is to release as it is and publsh your version directly as backport for beowulf and in a very early point release22:39
EvilhamIs that problematic? The idea was: it avoids potentially breaking things in subtle ways, makes the new version quickly available, buys time for testing, there is a clear path to have it be the default version22:40
gnu_srsEvilham: Yes, that is problematic for me. I don't want to take responsibility for 3.2.7-6, that version I did not did contribute to at all.22:45
gnu_srsAsk katolaz and CenturionDan for support of that package :(22:45
gnu_srsAnd again: All (I think so) bugs on eudev are against 3.2.2-13, i.e. the ASCII version. However, ascii-proposed has 3.2.2-17. How come this version has not been released, even with the point release of ASCII?22:48
EvilhamIt was probably overlooked22:54
EvilhamWhich wouldnt happen with a beowulf point release if you are around to make sure <322:54
EvilhamJust further question: what do you mean "take responsibility for 3.2.7-6"?22:55
EvilhamI mean, the way I understand it: if you help produce versiin X and you want to help supporting it, thats totally different from version Y<X being the default for a short time22:56
Evilham(I am asking this, mostly to help you make your case more understood, so the better outcome for everyone happens, as I am sure you are aware, everything is a bunch of trade-offs22:57
EvilhamAnd right now, it looks like "we know whats broken with version Y and havent been able to test version X which should be better, but may introduce other issues" is a "winning" tradeoff)22:58

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