libera/#devuan-dev/ Friday, 2020-01-31

onefangrrq: Have you been getting any cron emails from apt-panopticon on borta?03:28
onefangI'm getting them sometimes on my desktop, but not on my server.  I think it's just my lousy home network.  It tends to drop out a lot.03:30
rrqno.. it doesn't have an MTA :) syslog has complaints03:30
onefangI need to make apt-panopticon abit more robust to that sort of thing.03:30
rrqrobust is good :)03:32
rrqthttpd.log is interesting too03:33
* onefang logs on and goes log file diving.03:37
onefang"UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN" isn't helpful.03:47
onefangOther than that, so far I'm mostly seeing what I would expect.  Lots of me leaving it to refresh in my web browser all day, search bots, others actually using it sometimes, and crackers trying to crack stuff you are not running.03:48
rrqyeah I guess that's due to thttpd not understanding stunnel4 forwarding03:49
rrqthe UNKNOWN I mean03:50
onefangAh, that explains why I see that under one of my IPs sometimes as well.03:50
onefangWhat is most interesting is that I'm refreshing my browser from home, which doesn't have IPv6, but tunnels than proxies via my server, which then uses IPv6 to yours.  Mostly.03:52
onefang"tunnels then proxies"03:52
rrqshould be fine03:54
onefangCan't see anything interesting in thttpd.log, and I don't have permission for syslog.  Any complaints about apt-panopticon in there?04:23
rrq(did your try sudo?) no nothing specific05:34
onefangNo I didn't try sudo, and the connection died.  Nothing specific is good enough for now, I'll deal with the things my desktop is complaining about, and see how we go from there.05:55
onefangOh, you do inactivity timeouts if I recall, that was probably it.05:55
rrqyes. maybe you'll force me to add a BUDDY list?05:58
rrqthough the GATE is not on 44305:59
onefangNah, if you see enough apt-panopticon complaints that it annoys you, let me know.  B-)06:00
LeePenEvilham: Morning! Going to move base-files 10.3+devuan3.3 from beowulf-proposed into beowulf as we discussed last night, if you are still happy with that?11:24
Evilhamyeah :-D11:54
Evilhamworst case we get more and better bug reports11:54
LeePenI love your optimism!11:55
fsmithredWhich lines of which /etc files from base-files must be edited to make grub say Devuan? I'm sure someone will want to do this.13:22
fsmithredTo answer my own question: 'ID=devuan' in /etc/os-release should do it. (lsb_release -i -s shows devuan, and that's the command in /etc/default/grub)15:23
fsmithredI'm pretty sure that did not work when I tried it a month or two ago. So... thanks.15:24
xrogaanhow does one hide the headers in the web interface?17:50
gnu_srsxrogaan: Yes, that is really annoying :(17:53
xrogaanI believe the interface to be broken. This link goes to 404:
xrogaanoh, no, I figured it out. It's a misconfiguration.17:54
xrogaanGood url:
xrogaanBad url:
xrogaanboth show something.17:55
xrogaanWhen there is a resolution of a bug, would it be possible to get a link to the actual patch or web diff?17:58
gnu_srsxrogaan: Yes, the cgi interface is definitely better :)17:58
gnu_srsLeePen: I have not got any reply from the OP of #383 yet. I the problem is just a glitch and it is reported against the ASCII version of eudev.18:59
gnu_srsI'd like to decrease the severity of that bug, OK? Additionally, maybe we should migrate eudev-3.2.9-4 to beowulf. WDYT?19:01
golinuxLeePen: Someone has reported another issue with dnscrypt-proxy -
golinuxPlease have a look when you have a chance.19:22
golinuxApologies if it has been reported and I missed it.19:23
LeePengolinux: I have already fixed and built a new version.19:23
golinuxThis is different than the first bug19:23
LeePenSee #386.19:23
LeePengnu_srs1: We discussed this at the meet last night.19:23
LeePenWe have frozen beowulf.19:24
LeePenapart from targeted bug fixes.19:24
LeePenSince eudev is such a fundamental piece of code, we were reluctant to make a major change so late in the release cycle.19:25
LeePenWe propose that it goes into beowulf-pu and is included in an early point release.19:25
LeePenWhat do you think?19:25
golinuxI think we need to get isos out asap19:26
gnu_srsSince the previous eudev has a lot of flaws, I'd really like to have 3.2.9 in beowulf.  Just take a look at the changelog. Additionally most (all?) bugs are for versions _earlier_ than
gnu_srsAlternately I can make a 3.2.7-7 version for eudev, rectifying most of the flaws with 3.2.7-6!20:23
gnu_srsOf course you decide, but I won't be so interested in hunting bugs in earlier versions I did not have any part in creating ;(20:25
gnu_srsThis link is broken:

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