libera/#devuan-dev/ Saturday, 2020-01-25

cosurgiEvilham: I seriously use the desktop without elogind consolekit dbus policykit15:35
cosurgi(I go them pinned down in apt/preferences.d/avoid-systemd )15:35
cosurgiI pinned them down 3 weeks ago. And everything that I need works. Including printing.15:36
cosurgiI popped in, because I wanted to ask: do we have chimaera repository up?15:37
onefangIt exists, no idea if it's anywhere near usable.  You can find it on all the package mirrors.15:38
cosurgigreat thanks :)15:40
onefangAnd now I'm logging out for a bit.15:42
Evilhamcosurgi: it's up, unannounced and "unsupported", but please test and tell how it's (not) working :-)16:30
fsmithredcosurgi, you might want to keep beowulf enabled in sources.list. I noticed a package or two is newer there than in ceres/chimaera17:44
LeePenHave I remembered correctly that we deliberately have lsb_release -i print Debian rather than Devuan?19:34
gnu_srs1lsb_release -i: Distributor ID:Debian with Beowulf19:37
LeePenYes, exactly. I have a vague memory that is deliberate. However, I think it breaks reportbug.19:38
fsmithredyes, it was deliberate, so that third-party software will recognize us19:42
LeePenfsmithred: OK, thanks.19:46

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