libera/#devuan-dev/ Thursday, 2020-01-09

Wizzuphi devuan devs00:39
WizzupDoes `dpkg-buildflags --status` give sensible output for any of you?00:40
Wizzupit seems to be completely empty for every variable for me00:40
Wizzupas opposed to Debian00:40
agrisI have LXC configs and templates ready for running Devuan ASCII w/ optional AppArmor activated01:37
agrisHow do I go about publishing them or contributing them back to Devuan?01:37
fsmithredagris, are they in a git repo?01:39
agrisa local one01:39
fsmithredoh, maybe set one up on git.devuan.org01:40
fsmithredanyway, if you post on dng mailing list and forum, people will find and use them01:40
fsmithredI don't know if we're going to officially host such images.01:41
fsmithredWe're not even keeping up with the embedded images we have. That's been turned over to the community.01:42
gnu_srs1LeePen: I found a small glitch in eudev.init. This is also a Debian bug, still present in udev-244-3.10:40
gnu_srs1However I'd like people to test the latest version if eudev: 3.2.9-2 as much as possible before releasing -3.10:40
gnu_srs1Should I send an email to dng to make more people test?10:42
gnu_srs1Any news about the bugs host? It would be nice to be able to close bugs (and open new, comment on existing bugs).10:45
LeePenYes do!10:51
LeePenWe are working on bugs.d.o as quickly as we can10:52
enyccan I do something to help with devuan dyne servers?  later get things working-again, backed-up, ipv6-enabled, ... ??    i appreciate adding-people-to-alate-project may not be helpful at this stage11:18
golinuxTime for the meet21:29
fsmithredLeePen, packages to move from unstable to beowulf: refractainstaller-base_9.5.4 (and -gui) refractasnapshot-base_10.2.10 (and -gui)22:38
LeePenWill do.22:42
LeePenfsmithred: Done.22:47

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