libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2020-01-01

onefangrrq: Which mirror is that?02:08
rrqhmm I think it was .. that was the first DNS option during the time02:11
onefang not the fastest, but not that slow.  Keep in mind those speeds are guessed at while trying to test all the mirrors at once.02:15
onefangThe big gap is coz things fell over while I was out at the big New Years party.02:16
rrqyeah with NBN I'm of course used to variation but <10kb/s (and <2kb/s for a while) it got too boring...02:28
onefangI'm hoping to get NBN this year, though it was due late last year.  I know they installed it in the street, my ISP is slow off the mark I think.02:30
onefangOh, and ignore all those dips, that's an artifact of how things happen, all the mirrors get that, even the one the checking script is running on.02:37
onefangThat might get fixed after my server move next week.02:40
onefangEvilham encouraged me to run all the tests at once, and doing that I can get it all done in around 60 seconds.04:04
onefangBut that's not a fair measure of speed, they are all contending with the one network pipe at once.04:05
onefangSo I'm thinking about running them one at a time, maybe have daemon that sits there cycling through them all.04:05
onefangThen the only network contention the tests will have is normal traffic on my server.  Which is why I graph these things over time, to get a better picture.04:06
onefangThat'll also wait until I'm done moving my server.04:07
onefangOn the other hand, having just looked closely at my servers network graph, they are no where near saturating my pipe, so maybe they ARE fair speed numbers.04:11
onefangThe regular mirror testing is barely above the noise floor.  B-)04:11
onefangIt's only when I run the tests at home that I get saturate my bandwidth.04:12
golinuxPad for this week's meet is here:
se7enHappy New Year12:54
Centurion_DanHappy New Year to all my Devuan friends.18:08
Centurion_DanI'll be travelling today back home and should be back to my normal lurking of these channels in the next few days.18:08
LeePenCenturion_Dan: Happy New Year!18:10
Centurion_DanThanks LeePen.19:08
Centurion_DanI'm going to be off IRC... so anything important I should be should be emailed to me ;-)19:08
LeePenOK. I have a config edit request for the ppc64el buildhost. Will email you.19:27
cosurgiHappy new year!21:03

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