libera/#devuan-dev/ Monday, 2019-12-30

enycfsmithred: fwiw, i've generally seen dstros  not supporting UEFI 32bit booting00:22
enycfsmithred: its' usually  CDrom/hdd BIOS-boot 32bit  image,  and   cd/bios/uefi  hybrid bootable 64bit image00:22
Centurion_Dangnu_srs1: can you check if the udev initramfs top hook checks for and creates /run as it's needed for udev during init because with the 4.19 kernel LVM requires udev to be running and /run/udev to exist in order for root on LV and other initramfs mounted volumes to be mounted...00:44
fsmithredrrq, I put the 2.1 i386 netinstall on a usb and tried to boot it on my uefi laptop. It would not boot.04:24
fsmithredI'm going to sleep now.04:24
rrqfsmithred: I built OVMF-i386.fd for use with qemu-system-{i386,x86_64} to get uefi boot of the i386 iso12:59
rrqapparently UEFI comes in 32-bit and 64-bit flavours13:00
rrqthough OVMF seems to require 1024x764@32 video so needs qxl13:02
fsmithredhave to go out soon, but I'll test it later this morning.13:14
onefangAll the issues I had marked for the first release are now done.  B-)15:59
onefangThough I still need to polish the documentation a bit, and maybe deal with a few more minor TODOs,16:00
onefangOf apt-panopticon, my mirror checker script.16:00
fsmithredrrq, It Works!  2.1 i386 netinstall iso boots 32-bit uefi in qemu with OVMF-i386.fd16:16
fsmithredinstalling it now16:33
fsmithredthat works, too.16:38
fsmithredok, qemu is not entirely happy with it on rebooting the installed system. I have to go into Boot Maintenance and then Boot from file, and then drill down to grubia32.efi. Then it gives me the grub boot menu and boots properly.16:48
fsmithred:) ...and the desktop-live amd64 boots with 32-bit uefi (for all you old macbook pro owners)16:55

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