libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2019-12-25

golinuxHere's the pad for this week's meet:
onefangI'll likely be asleep during the meeting time.  I hope you enjoy the gift I just sent to the mailing list.  Merry Christmas.16:11
fsmithredif there's a meeting today, I'll miss it. I will be at the one tomorrow (26th)16:15
onefangAnd naturally everything falls over the moment I send out that gift.  lol16:22
onefangLet's hope that works now.17:11
onefangPhew, fixed.  I can rest now.17:20
fsmithredwhat did you fix?17:42
fsmithredoh, nm, I get it.17:43
onefangThe "Updated" test on my mirror checker script had the timing wrong, which didn't show itself until just after I told everyone about the latest version.17:50
golinuxonefang: The meet is tomorrow.18:29
golinuxI saw your gift.  I suggest that you put the code in our git and keep it synced with yours so we have a copy just in case . . .18:31
golinuxLife is unpredictable.18:31

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