libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2019-12-17

Evilhamtelmich: gex?17:14
telmichEvilham: great example?17:16
telmichEvilham: or "got ex"?17:17
Evilhamidk, was thinking it was what your "re" was missing :-D17:17
kilobyte"gnome ex" or "gnu ex", where "ex" is proto-"vi"?18:03
LeePenHi. Anybody use openvpn here?18:55
EvilhamLeePen: what's your usecase and does it *have to* be OpenVPN?19:02
LeePenI don't. I just want somebody to test the new packages I have just built :)19:02
Evilhamnowadays I use tinc and WireGuard for VPN things, each has their own strengths and both are far easier to maintain, operate and setup than OpenVPn19:03
Evilhamoh :-D19:03
Evilhamthen no, not me xD19:03
LeePenjaromil: I have just prepared an update of colord.20:13
LeePenYou are listed as maintainer in d/control. Do you want to review?20:13
onefangI use OpenVPN, but I'm waiting for WireGuard to mature, then waiting for me to have time to try it out.20:41
onefangThat first thing may have happened.  B-)20:42
fsmithredonefang, if you make a new key, sign it with the old key, and anyone who cares to look can trace back to see the old signatures21:51
fsmithredrrq, when I ran that command with the full path on the file, it copied the file into ~/.gnupg21:53
fsmithrednow I'm refreshing keys. Will my copy of devuan-dev.gpg get updated? And if so, can I upload that to fdo?21:53
onefangThat should work.  I should pull my finger out and update my key then.22:05
golinuxPad for this week's meet is here:
masongolinux: Is it back to Wednesdays?23:58

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