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golinuxAs mentioned at the meet today "Onion site STILL not responding"
LeePenDoes anybody know anything about the onion setup?11:38
LeePenfsmithred: golinx: That is the new beowulf xfce4-session packages built with xscreensaver as the default.11:49
LeePenI also included i3lock as another alternative.11:49
LeePenAFAICS it prevents pulling in lightdm. Can you verify it works as you want?11:50
LeePengolinux: Sorry for misspelling you :(11:50
LeePenI have just had a look on pkgmirror and tor is installed there but not running. Is that the main onion server?11:57
Evilhamgolinux: the onion config is available on the server but is disabled11:59
Evilhamthere is no comment as to why it's disabled11:59
LeePenActually, I think it might be. Looking in syslog.6.gz it went OOM on 6 December as was killed12:00
LeePen/var/log/syslog.7.gz:Dec  6 09:29:56 pkgmirror kernel: [60198413.585371] Out of memory: Kill process 29310 (tor) score 11 or sacrifice child12:00
LeePen/var/log/syslog.7.gz:Dec  6 09:29:56 pkgmirror kernel: [60198413.585395] Killed process 29310 (tor) total-vm:108356kB, anon-rss:46880kB, file-rss:640kB, shm12:00
LeePenHappy if I restart it an see if that helps?12:01
LeePenEvilham: where are you seeing disabled onion config on pkgmirror?12:12
EvilhamLeePen: pkgmstar's nginx settings /etc/nginx/sites-{available,enabled})12:17
LeePenThanks. Do you know where onion is served from then?12:19
Evilhamnowhere :-D12:20
Evilhamit should be that host, it even has the keys12:21
Evilhamfor the hidden service12:21
Evilhamthere is just no documentation as to who why when it was disabled12:21
LeePenSo the oom tor server is irrelevant?12:21
rrqafaict the current (pkgmaster) nginx config serves that domain for localhost12:22
rrqI would have thought you'll need a tor server running12:23
rrqto service the toor connectivity, then this tor server would (I guess) access packages via nginx on localhost12:23
rrqtooo many ooos12:24
rrq(but a toor expert added to this room would make one of us)12:24
rrqtooo man ooos12:25
rrq(getting late:)12:25
rrq(where's my stone now again)12:26
Evilhamehm no, that's not the way this works, you run tor (it's running) setup a hidden service (it's setup: /var/lib/tor/hidden_service), setup which ports are forwarded (80 is) then setup the webserver to serve the onion address (this bit isn't set up, apparently willingly, no reason why)12:27
Evilhamthe forwarded ports and so on are setup in /etc/tor/torrc12:27
Evilhamso: everything is set up, and there is a sites-available config for this (grep -r onion /etc/nginx), it just appears to have been disabled12:28
Evilhamand there is no mention of any of that in the READMEs12:28
rrqbut isn't there an enabled service stanza in sites-enabled/pkgmaster ?12:29
EvilhamO.รด since w hen does grep not follow symlinks?!12:31
* Evilham goes read man grep again12:31
LeePenI know, I noticed that last week and it suprised me too.12:31
LeePenAnd tor isn't running. It was killed on 6 December by the oom killer12:32
Evilhamffs, this is GNU's grep being weird12:32
EvilhamBSD's grep -r does the thing I expect,  it also implements -R, GNU's grep -r doe snot follow symlinks and -R does12:32
LeePenSo it is there in the nginx config.12:33
Evilhamdid someone just restart the tor service? xD12:39
LeePenYes. me.12:40
Evilhamwell, I think that was all that was needed12:40
Evilham$ torsocks curl devuanfwojg73k6r.onion12:40
Evilhamdid you check what state the daemon claimed to be in before that?12:41
LeePenMaybe when we were fiddling with dak an amprolla last weekend the host ran out of memory and culled it.12:41
LeePenEvilham: Yes. Not running.12:41
Evilhamthat's... not impossible12:42
Evilhamthat's what you meant by oom tor server12:42
LeePenIt was killed on 6 December.12:42
Evilhamrrq: think it's safe to reboot pkgmaster?12:42
Evilhamat this point I'd be more confident with just rebooting as that'll make sure everything is up12:43
rrqcan we go to -infra12:43
fsmithredLeePen, it looks like it's working. I did a debootstrap install and then went in and added task-desktop and task-xfce-desktop. I got slim instead of lightdm. But I could not log in - error was something like "can't execute login command"16:05
fsmithredI edited the login command in /etc/slim.conf and that fixed it.16:05
fsmithredchanged 'login_cmd     /etc/X11/Xsession %session'16:06
fsmithredto: login_cmd           exec /bin/bash -login /etc/X11/Xsession %session16:06
masonfsmithred: I think you can just add task-desktop and task-xfce-desktop to the end of your debootstrap line and get it all at once.16:06
fsmithredoops. First one should have exec before the /etc/X1116:06
fsmithredoh yeah, or --include16:07
fsmithredthat's ok, I wasn't exactly sure which packages I would install16:07
fsmithredforgot the kernel the first time - made it hard to boot16:07
fsmithredoh, I did something else before I edited that line: I installed libpam-ck-connector, which bumped out elogind16:09
fsmithred(and libpam-elogind)16:09
fsmithredI'll put those back and see if it still works16:10
fsmithredyes, it works with either libpam-elogind or libpam-ck-connector16:14
LeePenfsmithred: Thanks. I will look at the login cmd later. I think I changed it, but maybe it needed to stay the way it was.16:42
fsmithredxscreensaver works17:01
fsmithredforgot about that, and I came back to see it working.17:01
LeePenfsmithred: Is /etc/X11/Xsession not executable on your system? It is on the ones I have seen.19:52
fsmithredLeePen, it is executable20:02
LeePenOK. Does login_cmd exec /etc/X11/Xsession work?20:04
LeePenSurely we don't need an extra shell?20:04
fsmithredLeePen, I get: login_cmd: command not found20:15
LeePenOK. I'll just revert my change.20:16
fsmithreddid I not install something I need?20:17
fsmithredalso, I was unable to stop slim with '/etc/init.d/slim stop'20:17
fsmithredok, that works now. Not sure what happened.20:20
fsmithredLeePen, just got report that eudev-3.2.2-17 installs and works correctly.22:36

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