libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2019-12-03 is "new" jenkins, and is "old" jenkins00:09
rrqwe are just in the process of transitioning to "the new build pipeline" and everything has double meaning :)00:11
g4570nWhat is on will also move00:30
gnu_srs1LeePen: cowbuilder and cowdancer are now upgrades to 0.85. Do you want me to upgrade to -0.88~bpo9+1 by adding ascii-backports?20:56
LeePengnu_srs1: Thanks. You can if you want. But AFAIK 0.85 isn't broken.23:06
gnu_srs1LeePen: Seems that I don't get -0.88~bpo9+1, tried both ascii-proposed main and ascii-proposed main23:20
LeePenI think it is in merged ascii-backports main.23:39
gnu_srs1Sorry, I meant ascii-backports :(23:40
gnu_srs1deb ascii-backports main23:41
gnu_srs1It is there but has a lower prio: cowbuilder/cowdancer=0.88~bpo9+1 works :)23:44

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