libera/#devuan-dev/ Sunday, 2019-11-24

fsmithredLeePen, the upgrade problem I was having was due to a version of eudev that precedes the first release of ascii. I think it's safe to ignore it.00:28
masongolinux: I tried the magnet link from the front page, and the one plasma41 linked in here. Let me try the one from the front page now.01:25
golinuxIt is the one that plasma41 posted here.01:27
masonah, it was slow to start but it appears to be going now01:29
masonthank you01:29
golinuxmason: Good to know.  Thanks.01:44
masonAh, and it's died off again.01:48
golinuxmason: ping plasma4101:58
LeePenfsmithred: that's good to know. Thanks.08:10
gnu_srs1LeePen: build005 upgraded to: jenkins: 2.190.3, jenkins-debian-glue-buildenv{,-devuan}: pbuilder is at:  0.228.716:13
LeePengnu_srs1: Great. Thanks. New pipeline is nearly ready. It already builds. Just need to finish repos end.17:25

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