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rrqplasma41: archive is set up and devuan_ascii.torrent refreshed00:01
masonrrq: The front page magnet link still leads to 2.0.000:05
masonrrq: Is this expected?00:05
rrqwell plasma41 is the magnet master (this time).. give him a few seconds :)00:06
masonheh, fine fine. :P00:06
plasma41rrq: Could you change the name of the top-level directory in the torrent from "devuan_ascii.torrent" to just "devuan_ascii"?00:14
rrqwait... I need to fix00:21
* rrq realizes three things at once is two too many00:23
* rrq added another chapter to "things to not do"00:33
golinuxactually I think that is still the old magnet link that parazyd did00:35
* rrq torrent in making .. competing with mirror updates.. ~5 min to go00:37
plasma41rrq: ^^^00:56
rrqgolinux: ^^^00:57
g4570n🤔 i d'nt see the content files in that magnet01:01
plasma41g4570n: What bittorrent client are you using?01:02
g4570ntransmission 2.92 (14714)01:03
masonplasma41: Not seeing anything with qBittorrent 4.0.3 either, and the name is unusual. Wonder if the URL encoding is a problem.01:03
plasma41It appears no complete seeds exist yet. Once I finish downloading all the files via http, I'll have a complete seed and will seed out from my machine.01:07
masoncool, ty01:07
plasma41I'll post here what images I have and are seeding as I finish downloading them01:12
plasma41I've queued up the downloads. I'm downloading the netinst isos first01:22
plasma41I don't have the fastest of internet connection and I'm downloading four images at a time; ETA for the first image I'll start seeding is half an hour.01:35
plasma41It's raining outside and the lights just flickered. I'm on a UPS thankfully.01:37
golinuxThat depends if it flickers or goes down.  Keep an  eye on it in case a graceful shutdown is needed,01:47
golinuxrrq:  Is the current torrent link on the index page still good?01:48
rrqI believe files.d.o ois (now) in a consistent state01:49
golinuxplasma41: Should I update the magnet link now?  Or wait till01:49
plasma41golinux: Yes, the magnet link should be good to go01:50
golinuxOk.  I'll change it in a sec01:52
plasma41golinux: Since the torrent file has the same name and is in the same location on f.d.o, the torrent link on the index should be still good01:52
golinuxYup.  That's what rrq said.01:53
golinuxOK.  It should be on in a minute.  If it's OK I'll push to master.01:58
golinuxplasma41: Is the link on the beta site working correctly?02:45
* golinux doesn't torrent or magnet02:45
plasma41golinux: It appears to work for me.02:47
golinuxOK.  I'll push it.02:51
plasma41rrq: Can you verify the checksums for the 2.1 install-isos match what is on f.d.o? They're not matching for me. Did I get a bad download?02:52
plasma41golinux: hold on one sec02:52
golinuxToo late02:52
golinuxdbristow> I am trying to torrent devuan 2.1, hardly getting anywhere.18:27
golinux<dbristow> I have only been able to download about 80M of the 23.11 file size total18:27
golinuxWhat's with the torrent?18:28
fsmithredI'm having trouble upgrading a friend's ascii. Can't upgrade eudev because /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ is also in package libudev1:amd6419:33
masonfsmithred: apt update eudev libudev1-      ?19:44
masonor maybe,    apt update libudev1-19:45
masonand by update, I mean upgrade, sigh19:45
masonapt upgrade libudev1-19:45
fsmithredI tried that, I tried specifying the versions, including udev19:46
fsmithredand I tried installing the debs with dpkg --force-downgrade19:46
fsmithredalso tried apt-get -f install19:47
masonHrm, he's gone. The other thing I'd try is suppressing eudev and switching to it after.20:07
mason...if anyone notices that he's come back.20:07
fsmithredmason, how do I suppress eudev?20:39
fsmithredI think I need to get the debs for -11. Current is -1320:39
fsmithredgoing away again. (setting up new router) back in a few minutes20:39
masonfsmithred:    apt upgrade eudev- is what came to mind20:39
fsmithredI'm giving up for now. Will probably try to upgrade her to beowulf instead, but later.21:10
masonfsmithred: Were you going from ascii to the Devuan version of sid? I'm not sure I'm clear on what upgrade you were doing.22:04
fsmithredI was upgrading ascii that hasn't been upgraded since eudev was version 232:something22:07
fsmithredlibeudev1 refused to overwrite /lib/x86_64/ (or something close to that) because that file belongs to libeudev1:amd6422:08
fsmithredI think that's what it said22:08
fsmithredping LeePen ^^^ Got any suggestions? I might just try to upgrade to beowulf or else reinstall.22:24
plasma41rrq: I can't get the install-isos I downloaded from the f.d.o to match what the torrent file expects to seed. Are you sure they match on your end?23:13
LeePenfsmithred: What is the installed version it is trying to overwrite?23:20
LeePenSorry= I see the versions in the backlog.23:24
LeePenManually forcing the new libeudev with dpkg -i --force-all *might* get round it? I would like to find the packaging bug and fix it though.23:25
plasma41rrq: devuan_ascii_2.1_amd64_dvd-1.iso has an extra partition that it shouldn't. Also the .disk file is blank. This will cause apt-cdrom to fail.23:27
rrqplasma41: hmm?? only that one?23:28
plasma41I'm testing the others now...23:28
plasma41The .disk file is supposed to be a directory.23:33
rrqhmm the dvd iso on files.d.o is the same as I have here, but not those issues (?) .. and the sha256sum the same23:34
rrqlet me rebuild a new torrent (to compare)23:35
fsmithredLeePen, is it normal that the version of udev is not identical to the version of eudev?23:36
plasma41Comparing against the equivalent 2019-10-15 2.1 preview. The .disk is a proper directory in that version and the extra FAT12 partition is labeled Firmware in that version, but appears to be empty.23:37
LeePenfsmithred: not sure. I will look in the (my) morning.23:39
fsmithredI'll get her to set up ssh access for me so I can look around some more.23:41
plasma41My bittorrent client is doing funky things and it's making my head hurt. I'm going to step away for a bit.23:47
rrqok the new torrent is the same as the old except for creation date23:53
rrqsuggests an issue at your end (?)23:54
* rrq back in some hours23:54

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