libera/#devuan-dev/ Thursday, 2019-11-21

kilobyteLeePen: that'd be a matter of rebuilding the world, but that's nowhere the task it was before02:12
kilobyteLeePen: and a pretty good idea -- people who run i386 on amd64-capable hardware should get smacked over the head these days02:13
golinuxIf wine cooperated on 64 bit I would consider it.02:32
kilobytewell right... wine does make use of i386 on modern machines.  So does steam (although it requires 64-bit, and uses it for most stuff).02:35
kilobytethat's just a bunch of libraries though02:35
masonI haven't tried this on Devuan yet, but it's possible to build a dual 32/64-bit Wine that passes off between the two as needed.02:35
kilobyte... is there any other way?02:36
masonYeah, lots of folks seem to do a straight 32-bit Wine.02:36
kilobyteyou install 64-bit version of wine and it quietly does The Right Thing based whether an executable is 32- or 64-bit02:37
masonWell. It's a hybrid. A straight 32-bit Wine can't deal with 32-bit Windows binaries.02:37
masonYou have to explicitly build a hybrid. Or if you use WineHQ they do that for you by default.02:38
masonI was doing this on CentOS at the time, which didn't have anyone doing it by default.02:38
kilobytepossibly... but we're not on CentOS but De??an which is ok02:39
masonPossibly what?02:40
kilobyteI mean you may be right for some builds of Wine, I'm only a mere user02:41
kilobytesomehow 64-bit windows executables are pretty rare02:42
masonNah, World of Warcraft has shipped them for a while.02:42
kilobyteyou can do this: :)02:43
masonIn fact, the situation I was addressing with the hybrid build was that they shipped a 64-bit client but a 32-bit media player, so all the in-game cinematics failed to run if you didn't have a hybrid build of Wine.02:43
golinuxIn beowulf there are currently version mismatches that make this impossible.  My daily ddriver is still i385 jessie.03:51
onefangWhile I'll be up at that time of the day for the meeting this time, that's because the real estate agent has picked a crazy early time for an inspection, and I'll be busy.  So I can't attend.06:56
onefangEvery one else will be up to, and likely some neighbours.  7AM is a crazy time to be testing smoke alarms.  Pfffft.06:57
golinuxIt's time for the met!  Come on down!!21:26
masongolinux: I'm in a bathrobe and not having a headliner day so if there's no objection to my being off video I'll hop in.21:27
golinuxWe wouldn't mind on video21:27

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