libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2019-11-20

agrisgolinux, I want to make sure if I spent to time making the patches they would actually be useful. So I'm trying to get a feel for Devuan's side for the need of elogind argument02:28
agrisI don't think it's an issue for a distrobution to modify power management in XFCE for it's specific needs, but I'd doubt it be accepted upstream02:29
agrisI'm aware of the bikeshedding issue02:34
golinuxagris: There is no data on which to base an answer to your question.   When the patches exist, users will either find them useful or not.17:19
golinux  ======================================================17:22
golinux  !!THERE IS NO MEET TODAY!!17:22
golinux  ======================================================17:22
kilobytethere was some talk about having devuan-archive-keyring in the Debian archive, to ease debootstrapping chroots/sbuild/containers19:54
kilobyteshould we do this?19:54
kilobytethere's eg. ubuntu-archive-keyring19:54
yetithe ones being able to use debootstrap are capable of installing the keyring on their own20:01
fsmithredwould that mean we don't have to fork debootstrap?20:01
kilobytedebootstrap already has scripts for devuan, but lacks keyring references20:04
fsmithredthen it seems like a good idea to make it complete20:06
kilobyteobviously, except jessie (guess why)20:06
fsmithredshe's going away soon20:07
fsmithred(posted from a jessie system)20:08
LeePenI hope not! I have 2 systems with K6 cpus that won't run anything later!20:09
fsmithredyeah, really20:10
LeePenI would love to revert the 686 minimum to 58620:11
fsmithredI usually do fresh installs instead of upgrade to next release. But I'm usually too busy testing the next release that I don't have time to install and set up my own system.20:11
fsmithredI think jessie gets retired next June.20:13

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