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LeePeni have a udisks tree waiting in devuan-pacages00:00
LeePengnu_srs1: so you think the libelogind0 package in sid is OK?00:02
Centurion_Dangnu_srs1: LeePen: elogind 241.3-100:03
LeePenThat is devuan/ceres version. The debian/sid i 241.3-1+debian100:03
LeePenThey are slightly different (unfortunately)00:04
LeePenCenturion_Dan: I will look at the policykit netowrk-manager thing.00:04
LeePenDo you have access to the jenkins buildhosts?00:05
Centurion_Danyeah... most of them..00:05
LeePenWe still have problems with them:00:05
LeePenamd64 seems OK00:05
LeePenarm* and i386 failed udisks build in the autopkgtests.00:05
LeePenjaromil updated them but not jenkins-debian-glue00:06
LeePenThe error is about adt-run not found in B20autopkgtest.00:06
Centurion_Danok.  I'll take a look after lunch00:07
Centurion_Danyeah, adt-run no longer exists... that must be way old version then...00:07
LeePenYes, amd64 has a later version and is OK.00:07
LeePenAlso, one keeps running out of memory when compressing with lzma (I will have to check which)00:08
Centurion_DanI really want to setup a jenkins job to update the hosts and also to be able to refresh the build cows00:08
LeePenSounds a great idea.00:08
Centurion_Danrrq has setup a (probably slow) qemu arm64 builder I'm going to try too.00:09
Unit193gnu_srs1: Some GVFS stuff needs libpam-systemd, if you install libpam-elogind-compat you should be able to retain those just fine.  Same with network-manager.00:09
rrq(its bogomips is ~125  while the arm64-on-arm has ~500)00:10
LeePenYes, arm64 "lzma error: Cannot allocate memory"00:11
LeePenI have got a backlog of about 6 source packages waiting to build for testing in beowulf.00:12
Centurion_DanUnit193: libpam-elogind-compat doesn't exist in devuan.00:15
LeePenCenturion_Dan: Thanks for looking at those things, it will be a great help.00:15
Unit193Centurion_Dan: He was talking about Sid.00:15
Centurion_Danah.  Would it solve my issue in beowulf?00:16
LeePenCenturion_Dan: Where is that rule configured?00:18
Centurion_DanLeePen: /usr/share/polkit-1/rules.d/60-network-manager.rules00:20
Centurion_DanThe rule comes from network manager.00:23
LeePenYep. OK, I will have to fire up my beowulf vm and have a look.00:24
Centurion_DanThe error I get is:00:24
Centurion_DanNov 15 12:23:47 haggai NetworkManager: src/nm-audit-manager.c:184:n/a:<info>  [1573773827.4828] audit: op="connection-activate" uuid="002732fa-08e1-32fc-aa78-c1feeead313c" name="Wired connection 1" pid=10176 uid=1000 result="fail" reason="Not authorized to control networking."00:24
LeePenelogind or consolekit session manager?00:26
Centurion_DanI changed to elogind after switching to lightdm00:27
LeePenAnd 'loginctl show-session' show the session?00:28
LeePenAnd you have the right libpolkit elogind backends?00:29
Centurion_Danii  libpolkit-agent-1-0:amd64           0.105-25+devuan7~beowulf1 amd64        P00:32
Centurion_Danii  libpolkit-backend-1-0               0.105-25+devuan7~beowulf1 all          P00:32
Centurion_Danun  libpolkit-backend-consolekit-1-0    <none>                    <none>       (00:32
Centurion_Danii  libpolkit-backend-elogind-1-0:amd64 0.105-25+devuan7~beowulf1 amd64        P00:32
Centurion_Danii  libpolkit-gobject-1-0               0.105-25+devuan7~beowulf1 all          P00:32
Centurion_Danun  libpolkit-gobject-consolekit-1-0    <none>                    <none>       (00:32
Centurion_Danii  libpolkit-gobject-elogind-1-0:amd64 0.105-25+devuan7~beowulf1 amd64        P00:32
LeePenLooks OK. I will try and see if I can reproduce your issue. Leave it with me.00:33
Centurion_Danthanks LeePen.  This is the 2nd time I have come across it.  The other was a new install on a laptop for my mum.00:45
LeePenCenturion_Dan: OK. I don't use nm myself, but have just installed it into my beowulf vm and I can control eth0 from the command line. Will have to dig some more.00:47
LeePenCenturion_Dan: What do you get from 'nmcli general permissions'?00:57
LeePenI get
Centurion_Danorg.freedesktop.NetworkManager.enable-disable-network             no00:59
Centurion_Danorg.freedesktop.NetworkManager.enable-disable-wifi                no00:59
Centurion_Danorg.freedesktop.NetworkManager.enable-disable-wwan                no00:59
Centurion_Danorg.freedesktop.NetworkManager.enable-disable-wimax               no00:59
Centurion_Danorg.freedesktop.NetworkManager.sleep-wake                         no00:59                    auth00:59
Centurion_Danorg.freedesktop.NetworkManager.wifi.share.protected               no00:59                    no00:59
Centurion_Danorg.freedesktop.NetworkManager.settings.modify.system             no00:59
Centurion_Danorg.freedesktop.NetworkManager.settings.modify.own                auth00:59
Centurion_Danorg.freedesktop.NetworkManager.settings.modify.hostname           auth00:59         auth00:59
Centurion_Danorg.freedesktop.NetworkManager.reload                             auth00:59
Centurion_Danorg.freedesktop.NetworkManager.checkpoint-rollback                auth00:59
Centurion_Danorg.freedesktop.NetworkManager.enable-disable-statistics          no00:59
Centurion_Danorg.freedesktop.NetworkManager.enable-disable-connectivity-check  no00:59
gnu_srs1Centurion_Dan: What's wrong with ifupdown?01:01
Centurion_DanI find nm rather handy for gui usage in particular for the broad support for various connectivity options01:04
Centurion_Danlike openvpn support etc.01:04
Centurion_DanLeePen: what do you get for "nmcli agent" ??01:14
LeePentest@devuan-beowulf:~$ nmcli agent01:17
LeePennmcli successfully registered as a NetworkManager's secret agent.01:17
LeePen** (process:5324): WARNING **: 00:16:07.291: Unable to register authentication agent: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.Failed: An authentication agent already exists for the given subject01:17
LeePenError: polkit agent initialization failed: An authentication agent already exists for the given subject01:17
LeePenI think that is because I have policykit-1-gnome installed.01:19
Centurion_Danso do i01:21
Centurion_Danwhat do you get for "pgrep agent"01:22
LeePen2 pids01:22
LeePenBut they are ssh-agent and gpg-agent01:23
LeePenI wonder if the debug output from polikitd would help?01:26
LeePenI think kill it and then run in console with G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all01:26
Centurion_Danhow do I start it... it just exits with:01:36
Centurion_DanLost the name org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1 - exiting01:36
Centurion_DanShutting down01:36
LeePenG_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all sudo -E /usr/lib/polkit-1/polkitd works for me01:45
LeePenThere is also POLKIT_DEBUG=1 which produces more output (apparently)01:49
LeePenNearly bedtime for me.01:49
LeePenSorry not to have been able to reproduce it.01:49
LeePenI will check back in the morning and carry on.01:49
Centurion_Danah ! found it01:50
Centurion_DanI don't have /usr/lib/polkit-1/polkitd, but I do have /usr/lib/policykit-1-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1, and if I run that then the issue goes away....01:51
Centurion_Danwhat package does /usr/lib/polkit-1/polkitd come from01:51
Centurion_Danfrom beowulf?01:53
LeePenActually it is /usr/lib/policykit-1/polkitd01:54
LeePenYes, beowulf01:54
Centurion_Danah, that's alright...01:54
LeePenI wish they would use polkit or policykit!!!!01:54
LeePenSo is that missing?01:55
Centurion_Dananyway I need to get out for a post lunch walk01:55
Centurion_Danno it's there.01:55
LeePenOK. Bedtime for me.01:55
LeePenWill check in the morning.01:55
Centurion_DanIt seems that the auth agent isn't running...01:55
Centurion_Danfor some reason...01:55
LeePenI have my fingers crossed for fixed buildhosts (please!) ;)01:56
Centurion_DanLeePen: sleep well :-)01:56
rrqCenturion_Dan: re jenkins-debian-glue: the commit "Support autopkgtest v5" is after 0.18.4 .. maybe build hosts need ?02:13
Centurion_Danrrq: noted...02:33
rrq(doesn't help for the "Missing changes file" problem though)02:34
rrqseems building needs BINARY_ARCH=all set .. and it isn't?02:39
Centurion_Danno, that's an error in dpkg-buildpackage as all isn't a binary arch.02:47
rrqsomething resets BINARY_ARCH to be "any"03:05
rrqpbuilder should have parameter --binary-indep03:14
Centurion_Dan"any" is for where the the source package builds binary independent and binary dependent binary packages...03:40
rrqso basically building "all" is wrong for base-installer ?03:53
LeePenHi all09:49
LeePenCenturion_Dan: did you get any further with nm?09:50

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