libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2019-11-12

golinuxThis week's pad is here:
yetiups! for a second I thought I'd skipped the tuesday05:13
rrqonefang: nb
* onefang reads.08:44
onefangAll the slow IPs are IPv6, pkgmaster is only IPv4, I'm not seeing any issues with those particular mirrors right now.  My guess is that MiyoLinux is having IPv6 issues.08:48
* onefang runs a manual test on my server that has IPv6.08:52
onefangIt's a bit odd that three different mirrors would be having IPv6 issues at the same time.08:52
rrqyeah .. more likely to be the client end or nearer to there08:53
rrqif you know some diagnostics hands-on, I'm sure he'd appreciate08:55
onefangA traceroute to any of those IPv6's would be where I'd start.08:56
rrq.. I'll add to my (otherwise useless) post...08:58
onefangMy tests are only showing one slow mirror, it's not part of the DNS round robin, AND it doesn't have an IPv6 address.  So that's not causing MiyoLinux's issue.09:04
onefangI don't do IPv6 in my sleep, I program in my sleep.  B-)09:10
onefangAnd now that is timing out, I need to fix up my timeout detection.  I had rewritten that bit since the last time I had a mirror timing out.09:16

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