libera/#devuan-dev/ Friday, 2019-11-01

fsmithredCenturion_Dan, what's up with fontsnaps?04:02
fsmithredoh, nm. was looking at old mail.04:04
onefangBeerbelott: Did you follow the mirror walkthrough?04:47
onefangBeerbelott: Your mirror seems to be missing Ceres stuff.  Also, you are redirecting HTTP to HTTPS, something that my mirror checker flags as a warning, coz not every one has apt-transport-https installed.04:56
onefangOh wait, it's an ISO mirror, not a package mirror.  My mistake.05:07
onefangIgnore what I said before then.  lol05:07
onefangMy mirror tester script isn't testing ISO mirrors yet.05:08
onefangEvilham might be the better person to talk with about your mirror Beerbelott, he's a lot closer to your timezone than I am.05:19

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