libera/#devuan-dev/ Sunday, 2019-10-20

Jjp137rrq, when using the 2.1 DVD iso without a network connection, selecting KDE during the tasksel step and then proceeding results in an error (works with 2.0's DVD)04:17
Jjp137here's a link to a part of the syslog when it happens:
Jjp137also a minor issue: the label for all the ISOs (not .disk/info; I mean the name that shows up when you insert the CD or mount the ISO in a file manager) is just "ISOIMAGE" and could be changed to something better04:19
rrqJjp137: ack07:21
rrqJjp137: seems task-kde-desktop (of ascii) depends on libkf5walletbackend5-5 which I can't find any info about11:13
rrq(or maybe something else)11:23
deivHi, how developmente of Devuan is related to Debian ? (package maintaining, I mean)12:31
rrqJjp137: thanks. added 4 (missing) packages to DVD1, and it now allows KDE installation without network15:33
rrqstill needing a couple of fixes to the docs, so I only upload the new amd64 DVD1 for further testing15:34
rrq(in about an hour)15:35
fsmithredWho has full access to fdo? I need more permission to add and remove files from minimal-live, installer_isos and the main devuan_ascii directories. Right now I can only write to desktop_live.23:33

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