libera/#devuan-dev/ Saturday, 2019-10-19

danyspin97danielinux: are you working on arm-sdk?11:02
danielinuxdanyspin97, I've successfully built my raspi-4 image from there, but I'd like to see at least !9 merged before building new images.11:17
danielinuxping parazyd11:17
danielinuxI meant !8, but !9 as well.11:18
danielinuxparazyd, jaromil any plans to merge in those? Can I help with building/testing raspi images for 4.1?11:19
golinuxThis it the list that needs to be upgraded to 2.1:
golinuxIt's a mystery to me.11:24
golinuxI still do towers with multiple drives.  I'm not at all mobile . . .11:25
danielinuxgolinux, typo, I meant 2.1 of course sorry... I can build all the images, but I can only test a few of those on hardware I have13:09
rrqdanielinux: do you have a place to make them available for testing by other people? (not using the public release store)13:18
rrqI can set something up if you need13:19
danielinuxrrq, sure. I'll start building with the patches from the merge requests, I'll paste URL here. Stay tuned.13:25
rrqgreat. I can't test myself, but hopefully there'll be some other takers13:26
danielinuxraspberry-pi packets for 2.1 (untested):
golinuxThanks you danielinux!23:05
danielinuxI am trying to build all other images too, will keep putting them there23:21

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