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rrqJjp137: thanks.01:22
rrqyes, the "choose a mirror for the installation" is off place when your don't have network.01:23
rrqof course you should answer "no", but I'm not sure how much it helps01:26
Jjp137oh for the first one that appears before you set up users, I don't get a yes/no choice01:27
rrqpk. yes CD1 needs more work.01:28
rrqI haven't worked out how to trigger the "add CD" dialog(s)01:28
rrqif I remember right, it dod come up when I installed without network devices01:31
rrqwhich doesn't help many01:32
Jjp137huh weird; didn't come up for me01:32
rrqbut.. it's possible (with fiddling) to install from the CD (set), sothiese issues goes into the immediate backlog of required improvements, after the 2.1 drop01:34
rrq(early morning here :))01:34
Jjp137hm this is where it's determined if additional CDs are asked for:
Jjp137the 2.1 cd-1 iso is missing .disk/cd_type for some reason, which is on the 2.0 cd-1 iso01:46
Jjp137so that might be why it doesn't even know to ask for more discs01:47
rrqgreat. I hold back the drop a few days and get that fixed...01:53
rrqJjp137: I have difficulties getting rid of the choose-mirror step: if the udeb is excluded, the bootstrap initrd ends up without any /bin/sh (??)03:46 how in the heck03:47
rrqI've tried following up on dependency packages but haven't been able to find which (if any) makes /bin/sh appear03:49
rrqof course without choose-mirror one won't get to chose a mirror for installation03:50
rrq(if it had worked:))03:50
rrqadding .disk/cd_type was good though03:51
Jjp137that's good at least03:52
Jjp137but yea right now I'm basically thinking "what did the 2.0 iso do"03:53
rrqthe cd scanner only checks presence of .disk/cd_type ... so the "scan more CD" dialog comes up also for netinstall03:59
Jjp137I think that's fine; according to that commit it's intended I guess04:00
rrqoops wrong window :)04:00
Jjp137okay I experimented with a 2.0 iso expert install, and choose-mirror shows up in the list of components to load from CD04:13
Jjp137so it's there but not loaded by default because...I don't know04:13
Jjp137and if I load it and continue, then I get the same issue with the 2.1 iso04:13
Jjp137a workaround might be to just not load it by default since some other component asks anyway after the "add more CDs" question04:18
Jjp137which is weird but...04:18
Jjp137okay I don't know what the point of choose-mirror actually is now because I get asked the same questions without it loaded04:28
Jjp137right after being asked for more CDs04:28
rrqyes, I'm checking the variant of having busybox-udeb (directly) and no choose-mirror ... relying on the later mirror choice.04:54
rrqsince netinstall as well has the base system on the iso04:54
rrqmmm that seems better ... changes the installaion process -- golix will be happy :05:01
* golinux is busy reformatting the docs05:23
rrqanyone knows why the network gets configured with "allow-hotplug"? ("auto" would be much better)06:03
Jjp137this might be a good place to start:
Jjp137btw, the win32 boot thing does work for the 2.1 cd-1 iso, at least in a VM06:22
rrqbonus :)06:23
rrq.. and busybox-udeb worked to get rid of initia choose-mirror ... all good (except that the doc needs change and I have to rebuild them all)06:25
Jjp137that's great! (well maybe not the docs part :p)06:26

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