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golinuxPad for this week's meet is here:
agriswhat is udisk2 being polled in by?04:28
agrisisn't that a gnome-desktop thing?04:28
masonagris: It can inflict itself on any system.04:30
agrislast time I remember polling in udisks2 was for the gnome-disk-manager years ago04:30
masonThat may have been the context in which it came up here.04:30
masonIt was mentioned in a meeting a couple weeks ago.04:31
agrisswitched to an old version of gparted that was before gtk3 and no longer had that issue being pulled in04:31
agrisGParted 0.33.004:31
agrishmm. Is it still an active issue mason ?04:31
masonagris: LeePen is working on packages for it. It's arguably not terrible having a working automounter for USB sticks and CDs and such.04:32
masonagris: I'd rather people learn to mount media, or if we have such a service, have it have some modicum of configurability, but there it is. My only dog in this race is that I agreed to test it since I have a test system that can be spared for the purpose.04:33
agrisI could have sworn I have that functionality on my system here without udisks04:34
agrislet me check04:34
masonIt's not hard to set up udev rules to do it.04:34
masonNot sure what else ships that does it automatically, out of the box.04:34
agrisnope, looks like I do have udisks2 installed via Thunar04:35
agrisbut I've also got fstab user entries so I've rarely used it04:36
fsmithredyeah, someone wanted gnome-disk-manager04:36
fsmithredgvfs will pull it in, too04:37
fsmithredpull in udisks2, I mean04:37
fsmithredon systems without those things I use pmount04:38
masonLeePen: So, with elogind and friends, all your packages install except for policykit->consolekit, automounting works correctly, although there was an odd delay before XFCE populated the desktop and menus on login.04:55
masonLeePen: I'll switch to consolekit tomorrow and give you results from that.04:55
masonfsmithred: Thanks again for reminding me to use aptitude. I'd forgotten how useful it could be to switch between conflicting suites of packages.16:24
masonHm, flashed by in boot: specified group 'kvm' unknown. Does that ring any bells?16:26
masonFresh install for this testing, fairly vanilla, but something wants a 'kvm' group that was pulled in somewhere along the line.16:27
fsmithredI don't know16:27
fsmithredactually, I think I've seen that message16:27
masonI'll dig a bit before I trash the test install.16:28
fsmithredFYI: aptitude search patterns:
fsmithredI never pursued that message. It's probably a harmless warning.16:29
masonLeePen: via the magic of aptitude, I switched from consolekit to libpam-elogind, and udisks2 mounts USB sticks like a champ there as well.16:29
masonLeePen: Might be worth having a second person verify, but it all looks good from here.16:30
LeePenmason: That's great. Thanks for testing.16:30
masonLeePen: Sure, happy to help.16:30
fsmithredwhich udisks2 did you test?16:30
LeePenamesser reported success yesterday too.16:30
masonLeePen: Oh, good.16:30
LeePenI will try to get jenkins to build.16:31
LeePenJust adding libsystemd0 transitional package to src:elogind.16:31
masonBuilt cleanly with dpkg-buildpackage, so it should be uneventful.16:31
fsmithredI wish that were true.16:32
masonJenkins is twitchier?16:32
LeePenflakier ;)16:32
fsmithredsomething is flakey16:32
masonDoes Jenkins drive dpkg-buildpackage or something else?16:32
masonOh, hrm. I've never heard of that.16:33
LeePenIt should work, but my experience of it is, (cough), unpredicatable!16:33
masonThings are so much easier in Red Hat land. rpmbuild or mock, done.16:33
masonThat said, there are some internal tools that force build jobs into Koji, and... Well. I stick with mock. =cough=16:34
mason<-- dinosaur16:34
masonWow, almost everything on is new to me.16:35
masonHrm, don't know what it is, but 'su -' in this XFCE environment was met with five seconds of delay before I got my password prompt.16:36
masonThat and the 20-second delay on login make me think something's not quite right.16:37
masonThat said, I don't like desktop environments, so this udisks2 thing is as close as I'm likely to get to debugging them, and that only because I have unwanted familiarity with udev/udisks2 interaction. :P16:37
masonfsmithred: Looking through, nothing jumps out that would help me isolate a package that desires a particular group. I'll try to reboot and capture more context and maybe search that way, unless you have more ideas for aptitude.16:39
fsmithredno, I don't think aptitude will help you track down the kvm warning16:41
masonGot it. LeePen: It's conceivable this might impact your udisks2 package, so let me gather some data.16:41
fsmithredmaybe 'apt-cache rdepends kvm'16:41
masonfsmithred: It came from a udev rule, so I need to see if it was actually udev, or just udisks2, which operates by slamming in udev rules.16:42
masonLeePen: The kvm group requirement isn't from udisks2, it's from 50-udev-default.rules.16:50
masonDo we have a full-text search against our bug database? I want to make sure I'm not submitting a duplicate.16:52
JorilMason: I seem to remember a delay with su when I was missing my hostname from /etc/hosts16:52
masonJoril: That may well be it. Looking.16:52
masonJoril: No, it's there.16:53
masonJoril: It got the usual (if odd) entry from the installer.16:53
masonAlright, no bugs listed against udev, so I'll open one.16:53
masonOh, right, no web form for bug reports. This is neither LaunchPad nor Bugzilla. reportbug it is.16:54
masonHrm, and I don't see it in the archive. The Debian BTS is not one of the better features of the project. Oh, well.17:02
masongolinux: Don't know if this is your part of the web site or not, but (reached from is a 404.17:03
Jorilmmh on the corresponding link points to packages.debian.org17:08
Jorilsadly is 404 too :D17:10
golinuxmason: that is one of many dead, deleted pages from before KatolaZ set up the BTS that are still indexed in various search engines.17:25
masonJoril: FWIW17:27
golinuxThat entire section of the website was deleted years ago.17:27
masongolinux: Ah. I got to it from, so it might be worth updating the entry point.17:28
golinuxI was  referring to the pkg info section on the website.17:29
mason -> -> -> link "You might like to refer to the udev package page."17:29
masongolinux: Right. But anyway, there's the path from the bug tracker leading to the 404.17:29
golinuxUnfortunately KatolaZ is no longer around.  It might even be running on one of his servers.17:30
golinuxSo no way to fix it afaik.17:30
masonhrm, hrm17:31
golinuxMaybe something to discuss tomorrow17:37
golinuxI know nothing about the inner working of  i only contributed minimal theming17:41
masonOh, random note, I had to look at journalctl for a box here, and systemd doesn't correctly shut down LUKS with root on it either! It just doesn't complain where you can see it, so it's trivially easy to assume it's doing the right thing.17:58
enycAnything I can usefullyf test with  beowulf and MATE desktop,  logind's and so on??18:08
masonenyc: I suspect the most useful thing at the moment would be noting anything funny during your ugprade to Beowulf or subsequent package updates.19:12
enycmason: hrrm, long since set up a beowulf and no longer have a 'running' ascii to test from19:43
masonenyc: I'm not sure what you'd want to test. My understanding at present is that the release is gated on debian-installer being broken and some package glitchies re: libsystemd0. There may be other things, but it's a bit too opaque at present.19:44
enycit might be that somebody say ... hrrm... be worth checking the  elogind  changes with more desktop frontends, usb automounting, etc. ,  or something else  specific they are currentyly uncertain about.19:45
masonI was just testing udisks2 for LeePen last night and this morning, so I imagine stuff like that will come up.19:46
enycSomething I *am* noticing is lac of  beowulf-backports  (e.g. buster-backports libreoffice)  nothing todo with systemd per-se,   but  i understand that will happen, after release of beowulf soon.19:46
masonAnd indeed you could try his packages: and
masonenyc: It's conceivably amprolla simply hasn't been configured to consider backports. I'm not yet up to speed on Debian repository handling.19:47

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