libera/#devuan-dev/ Sunday, 2019-09-29

Jjp137rrq, the ascii 2.1 netinstall ISO is missing the graphical install option (and all graphical options under advanced options)04:30
Jjp137for amd64, if that matters04:32
rrqthanks ... yes they are both wrong :( I had wrong assumptions about the debian-installer. I'm currently reworking it.04:39
rrqI should pull those isos04:39
rrqfixed ASCII 2.1 netinstall ISOs at .. please test09:06
enycanything that be useful to test on  beowulf amd64 with MATE desktop,  login daemon,s  and so on?13:47
free_speechjust a question: what do those creepy games have to do with "console productivity" ?14:01
enycfsmithred: i think, uefi pacrtitinos, can be fat16 ...16:05
fsmithredyeah, I think you're right16:06
enyci note, MBR partitioning can be useful, as this allows you to  bios-boot a linux system as well as uefi-boot same,  without problems whereupon  some bios sysems require the gpt protective container partitino is 'marked as bootable' to try the mbr code, but equally some uefi bios/toherwise  treat the uefi container as invalid if marked s such16:07
enycuerr gpt-container16:07
fsmithredyeah, it's a crap-shoot when it comes to uefi implementations16:10

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