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dreamerohai. just tried an ascii install on an 'older' laptop (some toshiba thing I got from my mom). however it errored on grub-install. tried manual fix in chroot but it hangs on "cannot find EFI directory"17:24
dreamerany idea? I just installed everything to a main ext partition17:24
dreamer(didn't feel like any complicated partition schemes)17:25
fsmithredif you booted in uefi mode, it wants an efi partition17:25
fsmithredwhat kind of partition table does the drive have? gpt?17:26
dreamerI turned off secure boot, and just used the default ascii iso17:27
dreamerit's gpt yes17:27
fsmithredsecure boot off means you don't need a signed kernel17:28
dreamerI have absolutely no knowledge about uefi17:28
fsmithredif you didn't set it to legacy boot, you need efi partition17:28
dreamerhave always managed to evade it17:28
dreamer(or used old enough computers)17:28
dreamerhmz, ok will re-partition and re-install then ..17:28
fsmithredok, you could just make efi partition17:29
dreamerbut then I have to resize the partition that is there17:29
fsmithredif you keep gpt partition table and use legacy boot, you need a special small partition for grub17:29
fsmithredyeah, resize17:29
fsmithredneed 100-200mb for that17:29
fsmithredreinstall might be faster than resize17:30
fsmithrednot sure17:30
dreameryeah that's what I'm thinking hehe17:30
fsmithredok, make your main partition and also make an extra partition, at least 1MB size, unformatted...17:31
fsmithredI've never done this in the installer, but I think you can17:32
dreamerok hehe17:32
dreamerwill try resize first17:32
dreamerfor efi is only tiny partition needed?17:32
fsmithreduse as bios_boot or bios_grub or something like that17:32
fsmithredno, that's not efi partition17:32
fsmithredit's partition for grub because gpt partition table is different17:33
fsmithredhow big is the disk?17:33
fsmithredthen you don't strictly need gpt17:33
fsmithredif you use legacy boot17:33
dreamerI have absolutely no clue :)17:33
dreamerthere was nothing prompting me for any 'legacy boot'17:34
fsmithredand I think the toshiba will be ok with that.17:34
fsmithredthat's what it's called in some places17:35
fsmithredI don't remember what it means17:35
dreamerok I find some references indeed17:35
dreamerok this is some setting in the bios?17:36
dreamerok, will browse around17:36
fsmithredI can think of one potential glitch17:37
fsmithredif you switch from gpt to dos partition table, the system might still think it's a gpt disk17:37
dreamerfound it. thnx!17:38
dreamerbut for legacy boot I'll need a fat32 partition for /boot ?17:38
fsmithredfor uefi you need a fat32 partition for the efi partition.17:39
dreamerah ok17:39
fsmithredThe efi partition is where the bootloader is located. That is not a separate /boot partition17:39
fsmithredwhich you may or may not have, depending on your needs.17:39
dreamerok, so now I should retry the grub install?17:40
fsmithred  <-- this guy knows it all17:40
fsmithredif you don't change the bios settings or the partition table, create the efi partition when you reinstall.17:41
fsmithreddid you change bios?17:41
dreamerI changed the bios to CSM boot17:42
fsmithredhere's what I think might be easiest17:42
fsmithredok, good17:42
fsmithredresize your partition to make a 2MB partition at the end17:43
dreameroh ok17:43
dreamerwas trying to reinstall grub from chroot now17:43
dreamer(it's trying for i386)17:43
fsmithredok, so you'll get grub-pc17:43
dreamerah, it needs that partition for grub, ok17:43
golinux(Since when has this turned onto a user support channel?)17:43
fsmithredbut it will fail without the bios_boot partition17:43
fsmithredI didn't notice where we were17:44
dreamergolinux: jaromil told me to go here. blame him17:44
fsmithredwe're almost done17:44
dreamerhe thought it was some issue similar to beowulf17:44
dreamerwhich it's not17:44
dreameryeah sorry for the noise golinux17:44
fsmithredoh, I understand17:44
* golinux goes back out to fixing the fence17:44
fsmithredyou using gdisk or gparted?17:45
fsmithredif gdisk, make it type ef0217:46
fsmithredbrb, pm me if you have questions17:47
dreamerfsmithred: using resize2fs now17:47
dreamer(think reinstall would've been easier)17:47
dreamerok will stop the noise. thnx for helping fsmithred :)17:47
dreamerworst case I'll redo the whole thing17:47

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