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LeePenHi all.11:55
LeePen2 related questions: Are the amprolla logs publically available? Does amprolla merge based on source pacakges or binary (I seem to remember Katolaz saying it was source, but I could be mistaken)?11:57
LeePenEvilham: Thanks.12:00
EvilhamThat MR requires review and its the repo with the code12:02
LeePenEvilham: I am still trying to understand why we have some debian libpolkit pacakges polluting both beowulf and ceres. Does/should the fact that we have src:policykit-1 prevent amprolla merging any of Debian's packages even though the binary package names are different?12:15
EvilhamIdk tbh, it requires a deep review of amprolla, but it is possible that it goes back to dak12:17
LeePenYes maybe. I think I am going to have to roll up my sleeves and have a look. Something is clearly not working right at the moment.12:19
rrqLeePen: I think you're right, that merging is on per-package basis, and not per-source basis. It's done by amprolla.13:44
LeePenrrq: thanks that is helpful. Then I need to put some dummy pacakges in src:policykit-1 to block Debian's then.13:45
rrqyes, that'd work (I think)13:46
rrq(I was chasing some other "skip debian package" list, but haven't found any. Overriding should be fine )13:50
LeePenHello. I have a couple of foxes for policykit.17:10
LeePenI would be grateful for review before I merge and build.17:11
gnu_srsLeePen: I remember talking to KatolaZ about package merging some time ago. The merge is now package-based, but it should really be source-based !17:11
ServiceRobot_so I did a small writeup on the forum about better init support17:12
gnu_srsrrq: ^17:13
LeePengnu_srs: Thanks, that is helpful. That explains the leakage from debian which my proposed updates ^^ should fix.17:13
LeePenBut, it would be more sense for it to be source based -- something else for the (long) todo list!17:14
golinuxI have updated the live website.  Please have a look to make sure everything is OK.  Thanks.17:18
golinuxJust the index and community pages so far17:19
LeePengolinux: looks fine to me on a quick glance around.17:21
golinuxHere's the link to ServiceRobot_ 's init post
golinuxAdded more links to dev channels as per jaromil's request17:22
golinuxLeePen: ^^  Thanks for having a look17:23
fsmithredGood index. Where do I get it? Which image do I want? How to install it? Are all answered in the first half of the page. Where to get more help is soon after that and easy to find.17:24
fsmithredI gotta run. bbl.17:24
golinuxThanks.  I am going to add the "Release Notes" to the top of the install list.  I am shocked how few people actually read than17:26
masonHow long does it tend to take for DSAs to be mirrored?21:09
masonI see DSA-4523-1 out yesterday but I don't see the Devuan equivalent yet.21:10
fsmithredwhat package is it for?21:16
fsmithredmason ^^^21:17
masonfsmithred: Thunderbird in this case. Remote code execution, or the equivalent.21:21
fsmithredit's fixed in all but jessie21:21
masonfsmithred: Mirror propagation issue then? I don't see it after an apt update.21:21
fsmithredamprolla does incremental update every two minutes21:21
masonStill seeing deb9u1 here21:22
masonon ascii21:22
fsmithredI do see it in ascii-security21:22
masonhrm, I have deb ascii-security main non-free - I'm not sure why I'm not seeing it, then.21:22
fsmithred1:60.9.0-1~deb9u1 50021:30
fsmithred        500 ascii-security/main amd64 Packages21:30
fsmithredit shouldn't matter, but maybe drop the us21:30
fsmithredI've got it on, too21:31
masondeb9u1 is pre-correction, isn't it?21:31
fsmithrednot according to the debian-security page21:31
masonFrom the DSA: For the stable distribution (buster), these problems have been fixed in21:32
masonversion 1:60.9.0-1~deb10u1.21:32
masonBut ASCII isn't Buster. Doh.21:32
masonMy bad.21:32
masonSorry for the noise.21:32
fsmithredlol, yeah 9 is stretch/ascii21:33
fsmithredwe're in the twilight zone where buster is stable and beowulf is testing, even though they have the same package versions21:34
golinuxI'm considering removing us as a mirror option from the website since we don't have a us mirror.21:44
golinuxmason: ^^^21:44
golinuxWas actually going to post about that this afternoon.21:45
masonseems reasonable - but do we have any interesting in finding a US mirror?21:45
golinuxWe have discussed it.  Some feelers have been thrown out but no takers afaik21:46
masonWhere's the discussion happened? I'd love to know who's been approached.21:47
golinuxIt would have been at the Wednesday meet.  But search the IRC logs, forum and ML for references.21:48
golinuxI'll be continuing to clean up stuff like that on the website as soon as I have a bite to eat.21:49

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