libera/#devuan-dev/ Saturday, 2019-09-14

LeePenCenturion_Dan: any chance you could look at blocking the debian libpolkit packages?00:27
LeePenI posted my analysis of what is going on this morning ^^^.00:28
golinuxLeePen: Is that going to kill slim?00:35
LeePenNo, not at all.00:36
LeePenThere are some stray debian packages that have got through in beowulf that we need to remove.00:37
golinuxLeePen: I'm in beowulf VM and there are 100 updates.  I assume I should avoid the libpolkit ones?00:54
golinuxThere are a couple of libpolkit elogind pkgs which I assume are OK00:55
Centurion_DanLeePen, there should be no libpolkit packages from debian because we have our own unless they've bumped the ABI/API version in the name...02:22
enycfsmithred: +1 for sufficient hand-holding,  things working out of the box desktop mentality.03:04
enycWould also be useful  notes//docs  explaining 'what kind of problems to watch out for, given the differences from debian/systemd'.03:11
LeePengolinux: the ones with +devuan4 in the version are right. Avoid the debian ones (without +devuan4)07:43
LeePenCenturion_Dan: I know there shouldn't be, but there are. I think it is because we don't have, for example,  libpolkit-backend-1-0-0 we have  libpolkit-backend-consolekit-1-0-0 and  libpolkit-backend-elogind-1-0-0.07:45
LeePenSo debian's libpolkit-backend-1-0-0 gets merged by amprolla?07:46
LeePenGood luck with the new arrival!07:46
fsmithredrrq, how does a buildadd happen?12:34
rrqcf issue#3 for clearlooks-phenix-cinnabar-theme12:41
rrqthe label declares "build variant(s)"12:43
fsmithredwhere am I supposed to be looking?12:45
fsmithredI don't see that in the console output12:45
fsmithredBut I'd like to understand, because this will happen again when I try to build the icon theme. (cinnabar-icon-theme)12:47
rrqI meant: go to the closed issues of clearlooks-phenix-cinnabar-theme and look at issue#312:48
rrqi.e., create an issue with title buildadd, wil label "all" (in this case) and assign to autobuild.12:48
rrqwil = with12:48
fsmithredok, I'll do that with the icon theme12:51
fsmithredhow long does it take for that to be effective?12:55
rrqdid you add an issue with title "buildadd" for devuan-packages/cinnabar-icon-theme? (I can't see one)13:00
rrqnow I see it. label should be "all" of course13:01
fsmithredIt's still open13:01
fsmithredI'll do it again13:01
fsmithredclose that one first, I guess13:02
rrqautobuild should act within a minute13:02
fsmithredok, thanks13:03
fsmithred2 minutes and waiting...13:05
rrqah.. the project needs a suites/unstable branch13:13
fsmithredok. The previous icon theme only had master.13:16
rrqI'mm looking at the log now: it seems to have a problem talking to Jenkins...13:22
fsmithredI don't need to do a buildadd for each suite, do I?13:22
rrqno buildadd is for creating the build pipeline for the project ...
rrqI'm trying to track donw where the pothole is..13:26
rrqhmm Caused: Failed to bind to /
rrqfsmithred: could you close the buildadd issue and create a new one13:41
rrqfsmithred: ^^^13:46
fsmithredok. just back from kitchen.13:46
rrqcould you please close the buildadd issue and create a new one13:47
rrqok; seems like it pukes with "TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'NoneType' and 'unicode'" at line 19013:57
fsmithredwhere is that?13:58
rrqmmm doesn't match checked-in code :(14:00
rrq(bit it claims to be uptodate with git)14:02
rrqat a glance, it seems to be unhappy with the lack of both "project description" and "issue description"14:04
rrqcould you add one of those?14:04
rrq(but buildadd for clearlooks-phenix-cinnabar-theme didn't have either either?)14:06
fsmithrednor for darkpurpy-icon-theme.14:06
fsmithredproject description goes in or somewhere else?14:08
rrqon the wui, the left-hand, bottom-most meny has a general option where you expand the project section and there is a description14:09
rrqthat description is not available in git cli access14:09
rrqit belongs to the bare repo14:10
rrqask me why, if you like :)14:10
fsmithredfound it14:10
fsmithredI added a description in general project settings14:11
rrqok; looks like autobuild swallowed it, so you could try reopen a suitable "build" now14:13
rrqor create a new14:13
fsmithredjust tried buildadd again14:13
rrqyou haven't had your morning skotch yet?14:14
rrqthe "buildadd" was fine. now it's time to "build" for "unstable"14:15
fsmithredyeah, I issued the buildadd again because the last one failed14:16
fsmithredauthentication failed?14:18
rrqyes, you may want to make the project "public" (settings->general->permissions) cf clearlooks-phenix-cinnabar-theme14:22 supports IPv6 now, in case anyone wonders / notices anything14:33
onefangCool.  I should start testing my mirror checker script on my IPv6 capable server, instead of my IPv4 only desktop.14:34
emilenglerAre there 'buster' isos?15:50
emilenglerLike testing images?15:50
golinuxemilengler: There are no beowulf isos yet.17:12

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