libera/#devuan-dev/ Monday, 2019-08-05

grayriderALL:  NEED TO SPECIFICALLY "HAND PICK" OPENSSL version.  A number of changes occured in openssl in the recent past -- effectually breaking many packages from the debian channels.  Multiple revisions of openssl between 1.1.0c and 1.1.1 deprecated the use of SSL_library_init and a couple of other calls being "bandaided" with macros in header files.  This situation is bad as it prevents recompiles of affected packages.16:44
grayriderSYSTEMD became a royal PITA when you consider the problems in OPENSSL, too.16:45
grayriderSee also:
grayriderThis situation affects all releases of devuan16:51
grayriderSUGGESTION:  Try installing two versions of openssl into the devuan core??? ... 1.0.2 AND 1.1.1 ???17:11
grayriderSkip 1.1.017:12
grayriderI would also enable sslv3 in openssl/gnutls.  "Forced" removal of ssl3 breaks stuff, too.17:41

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