libera/#devuan-dev/ Monday, 2019-07-15

LeePenHi. Is there anybody here that could look at the elogind i386 build failure?21:52
LeePenIt has often been problematic. IIRC KatolaZ thought there was a problem with the build host.21:53
retaka compile error?22:08
Centurion_DanLeePen: I'll take a look later today.23:00
LeePenCenturion_Dan: Thanks.23:05
rrqLeePen: on a quick look, it seems the "test-event" test runs into a case of indefinite self-triggering (,label=i386/34/consoleFull)23:06
Centurion_DanLeePen: so it failed on the test run only on i386 which is a bit odd.23:06
Centurion_DanI'm re-running that build to see if it happens again.23:07
LeePenYes, it has done this before on i386. KatolaZ had a fix but I don't know exactly what he did.23:11
Centurion_DanI'll try building it locally on my pbuilder setup and see if I can replicate the issue.  If it's a buildhost failure I'll find a new one...23:23
LeePenThanks. Bedtime here. Will check back in the morning.23:26

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