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fsmithredWhat creates /run/udev? Where does it come from?00:15
fsmithredand when?00:15
fsmithredI get the following errors, which go on for a long time, when I run update-grub in a chroot.00:23
fsmithred  WARNING: Device /dev/sda1 not initialized in udev database even after waiting 10000000 microseconds.00:23
fsmithred  WARNING: Device /dev/sda2 not initialized in udev database even after waiting 10000000 microseconds.00:23
fsmithredif I create /run/udev in the chroot system and mount the host /run/udev to it, I don't get that error00:24
fsmithredSomeone else is getting the same error when he tries to boot the 4.19 kernel (same one I'm using for this)00:25
Centurion_Danfsmithred, are you using udev or eudev in beowulf00:29
fsmithredCenturion_Dan, I can get this on two different machines - one is uefi, one is not00:39
fsmithredarch forum says to mount /run/lvm but that doesn't help in my case00:56
Centurion_Danfsmithred: /run/udev should be created when udev/eudev starts...01:08
fsmithredin the initramfs or after?01:08
fsmithred searching the error message led me to this:
Centurion_Danfsmithred: does udev run now during intramfs??04:10
fsmithredhang on, I'll check. I think it's in there.04:11
fsmithredyeah, there's a lot of udev in initrd04:12
fsmithredsbin/udevd, sbin/udevadm, scripts/init-top&bottom04:12
Centurion_Danbut is udev or eudev installed04:14
agrisWhat is the support channel?07:36
golinuxagris: #devuan08:12
palinuroquestion: can i run eudev instead of udev on a standard debian installation with syatemd?15:47
fsmithredpalinuro, you might be the first one to try that17:51
fsmithredpalinuro, no you can't. I added beowulf repo and key, tried to install eudev and it wants to install sysvinit-core and remove systemd.18:09
palinurofsmithred which is not a bad thing :)18:24
fsmithredhadn't thought of it that way - doing people a favor18:27
fsmithredI thought I was going to find eudev in the debian repos, but I guess I was dreaming.18:27
palinurofsmithred there is an open ITP bug to include it in debian, but i don't know if it was accepted or not21:11
golinuxIIRC it's somewhere in the pipeline.  You might want to search the init-diversity archives.21:26
* enyc meows22:07

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