libera/#devuan-dev/ Thursday, 2019-07-11

jaromilhi everyone10:20
jaromilsorry I wasn't there yesterday, however many things progressing10:20
jaromilunfortunately also something quite frustrating, since we have a blocker10:20
jaromilthis package is ready since weeks, but we have no way to build it10:20
jaromilthis currently breaks any update of beowulf10:21
jaromilthe current build integration system is lagging behind big time, maintaining packages becomes almost pointless this way10:22
jaromilI recommend to stick to the plan, watch actions that are priorities and make sure who takes them up actually does them10:23
jaromilbeowulf-proposed is not enabled in releasebot11:07
jaromilonly beowulf is. meanwhile we haven't tested the package, but the bug is hitting many many people as we speak...11:08
jaromilme included. I cannot reboot my laptop right now11:08
jaromilCenturion_Dan: saw you moved the package, thanks. can you enable the beowulf-proposed tag in autobuild?11:08
Centurion_Danwill take a look now.11:09
Centurion_Danbtw, I11:09
Centurion_Danwould like that package rebased off the git repo in
jaromilit was done afaik11:10
jaromilbut no, can't see the history11:10
Centurion_Dannope... it was updated again from the dsc11:10
jaromilpalinuro: can you rebase it to the git history of the debian package?11:11
jaromilsorry if i was panicking a bit, but this bug just hit my laptop, knowing the fix is around since weeks....11:11
jaromilshouldn't panick. will take some patience to accept the state of things11:12
Centurion_DanI understand, and will help get it fixed tonight if I can...11:12
jaromildo you know which one?
jaromilhave they renamed grub2 to grub?!11:13
Centurion_Dannope.  I use to find the canonical repository.11:20
jaromilyes indeed the VCS is renamed11:21
Centurion_Danah, and 0.97 is grub-legacy... that's a bit confusing...11:23
Centurion_Danand the package is still grub211:23
jaromilhow very debian of them11:26
Centurion_Danreleasebot should be fixed now too.11:26
Centurion_Danjaromil: so when your ready it should build.11:30
jaromili'm trying to see if I can rebase but the history is very chaotic11:31
jaromilwill wait that palinuro replies11:31
jaromilmy impression is that very few things need to change11:32
jaromilkali linux has forked grub btw, maybe worthed lookin into their works too11:33
palinurogive me some minutes and i'll rebase that11:33
jaromilok thanks11:35
jaromilonce done you can force push over the devuan-packages/grub211:35
palinuroit seems i don't have enough permissions to force-push12:09
Centurion_Danpalinuro: now you do ;-)12:12
jaromilthanks dan12:21
Centurion_Danjaromil, palinuro, I'm heading to bed.  WIll check in the morning i fyou12:55
Centurion_Dan if you've been successful.12:55
jaromilsure, have a good rest12:57
fsmithredjaromil, your laptop boots uefi?12:58
golinuxI assume that someone else also got this merge request and can handle it:
palinuroand the delay is huge....18:34
palinurooh ok, i can't write from the other account.... good to know18:35
retakhave any users here contact to linux kernel developer? I like to know if it ever happes that the API function wich take a const char* string take as second argument a string length. to avoid that null terminated string error20:51
Centurion_Dangolinux: merged now22:10
golinuxThanks Centurion_Dan!    Just saw the email notice.22:54

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