libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2019-07-10

golinuxPad for this week's meet is here:
golinuxHi mobile CenturionDan!02:23
palinurohello, i would like to know how the meets stuff work and how to join you (if i'm allowed to)02:49
golinuxWe have our own instance of jitsi.  Address is in the pad.  You would be very welcome to join.02:52
golinuxIf you would like to test your connection, I am available.  Chromium works best.  You might also want to install alv's rather than google's02:55
golinuxpalinuro: ^^^02:57
palinurogolinux i see the hour in the pad but not the date03:23
fsmithredWednesday July 1003:25
golinuxAh, I put it in the title but not in the body.03:25
fsmithredabout 19 hours from now, I think.03:25
golinuxWe usually just do the date because Wednesday at that time is Thursday down under.03:25
palinuroi'm UTC+2 here (italy) i'll do my best to not miss it03:27
retaksomeone has to update mirror_status.html my mirror is missing :) :) :)15:55
Evilhamretak: IIRC that's just the roundrobin, you are on the mirror_list.txt18:37
Evilhamand in a few days of seeing everything work fine, you'll be there too :-p18:37
golinuxPatience grasshopper19:23
retakneed a new projekt19:26
retaknow i have a virtual server with full HDD but idel CPU19:26
retakwhat should it do?19:26
retakI also have an older ARM board. But dont know whether it is worth to install linux there19:27
golinuxIt's time for the meet folks.22:33
fsmithredpalinuro, time for meeting.22:42
palinurofsmithred pong23:16

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