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jaromillatest RC3 for d-i buster
fsmithredPackaging question: If I create two binaries from one source package, is it mandatory that both binaries get the same version number?17:23
fsmithredAnd if not, how do I specify a different version for the second binary?17:23
palinurofsmithred as fwr as i know you can not specify a custom version for a binary package, since such version is generated from d/chanfelog17:42
fsmithredthank, palinuro17:43
fsmithredI can live with it.17:44
palinurofsmithred by the way i have seen source packages doing some magic to push a custom version on the final binaries, and one of such sources is linux-latest, which has an incremental version in the source package, but builds binary packages with the same version as the kernel they act as a metapackage for17:55
fsmithredI'll keep that in the back of my mind for now.18:03
onefangI've got nothing to report this week, and only one thing to ask.  Since there was a couple of recent questions about the health of tor access, should I be testing that to in my mirror checker?18:46
onefangI'm starting to fade, even though I had a nap in the arvo, not sure I'll be able to make it.18:47
onefangLikely my only contribution would be to please golinux with my webcam by showing my ugly low res face.18:48
golinuxLOL!  It is helpful if you have something to say.  That Aussie lingo needs some visual help.18:51
golinuxNothing to contribute?  Better to go to bed.  Have a good one . . .18:52
onefangI suspect it'll be a challenge to read my 640x480 lips through the moustache.  lol18:52
golinuxSo you've said.  It seemed to last time you had your camera working18:53
golinuxI really have more pressing things to deal with.  :)18:54
golinuxIt's meet time22:24
golinuxThere was a note on the pad from  thomas h - I mailed a few days ago about setting up a package mirror.23:59

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