libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2019-06-18

danyspin97I need to install a header file along with a dynamic library, but all other headers should go in the mypackage-dev package12:39
danyspin97is there any wildcard I can use in libmypackage-0.0.install?12:39
fsmithredthat probably depends on what the filenames look like.12:44
danyspin97it is a config.h12:44
fsmithredsomething that differentiates it from the other header files12:45
fsmithredand list it on its own line in the install file12:45
fsmithredglobbing works there, if that's what you're asking12:45
danyspin97so config.h in libmypackage-0.0.install and I should list all other include files in libmypackage-dev.install12:46
fsmithredyeah. If they're all coming from the same directory, you might get fancy so you don't have to list them all individually12:46
danyspin97the globbing in libmypackage-dev.install contains config.h and so they both contain this header12:46
fsmithredI don't know if [a-b]*.h works, but it probably does12:48
fsmithredthen [d-z]*.h12:48
fsmithredor something like that12:48
fsmithredhow many header files are there?12:48
fsmithredI would try not to list them all separately12:49
fsmithredis the nature of this project still a secret, or has it been unveiled?12:49
danyspin97cc: jaromil12:51
fsmithredI can wait for the official announcement.12:54
danyspin97I was double checking if it is secret12:56
fsmithredyou coming to the meeting tomorrow?12:57
danyspin97still not confirmed but likely so12:58

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