libera/#devuan-dev/ Monday, 2019-06-17

danyspin97hey there :)11:33
golinuxStill here?16:15
golinuxNeither jaromil nor Manuela will be at the Monday meet.  I was thinking of going and starting to ask questions about the BTC and line-item accounting of Devuan funds.16:16
jaromilhow is this related to devuan?16:17
jaromilplease stop mixing dyne with devuan16:17
golinuxSoory wrong winsow.  Just waking up.16:17
golinuxAs you can see by the typos.16:17
golinuxThe BTC thing was discussed at the last meet and we would like a better explanation of where the Devuan BTC money went.16:20
golinuxSo yes, dyne is mixed in with devuan and the community has a right to know exactly where the money donated to Devuan has gone.16:21
jaromilsure. a mail would have been a more reliable mean of communication for this but I ACK here and will produce a signed statement16:27
jaromildyne is not mixed in with devuan, dyne is the foundation facilitating the project and it is our intention to produce detailed statements of expense as usual16:28
jaromildanyspin97: hi :^) looking forward to test your contribution, will be a good surprise for people here :^)16:41
jaromildanyspin97: if you can, please book a slot to appear on the next wednesday evening devuan meeting, or the one the week after16:42
golinuxYes, please come and join us.16:49
danyspin97can't wait to show it either :)16:51
jaromildanyspin97 has just started working with us at (paid by the decode project) so we do our priorities autonomously; he will present developments that can be upstreamed and we will welcome feedback16:52
Evilhamisn't devuan-dev a good place for that?17:01
Evilham(the mailing list, where everyone checks)17:02
golinuxOn the server none of the InRelease, Release, or Release.gpg files in any of the folders have been updated since 14-Jun-2019.  This prevents any updating or upgrading of packages.21:48
golinuxWhy does this keep happening???!21:48
golinuxI believe that fsr reported something similar yesterday.21:50
golinuxShouldn't amprolla be taking care of this?21:51

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