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Centurion_DanLeePen: Issue was that the version wasn't bumped after changes you made.  I'd strongly suggest after each change before pushing do "git dch --commit -a -R" - this cause the changelog to automatically create a new or update an existing "UNRELEASED" changelog entry with the comments from the commits since the last changelog update, and will commit it.  It gives you an opportunity to edit the changelog entry before saving and00:10
rrqLeePen: it appears to have built fine now (except the armel), so it should be propagating to thes shop fronts now ...00:28
fsmithrednew dbus in ascii-security needs to be devuanized01:22
fsmithredapparently it breaks slim. I don't know what else.01:23
Centurion_Danfsmithred: I'll check it out...09:06
jaromilCenturion_Dan: did you sorted the make issue? i recommend having a script. make is a DSL and doesn't really do for loops in a shell script sense09:24
Centurion_DanNot yet.  I'm still considering alternatives.  In the meantime I'm going to build -cinnabar as is and have it build the separate package as well as bump the -darkpurpy package to remove the conflicting files.   I'll work on a package that will provide all the clearlooks-phenix based devuan themes packages from a single source which will reduce the overhead of keeping all the themes working across releases.09:36
jaromilok, let me know if you need specific help on makefile, also via email09:45
jaromilindeed an "embedded alternative" is often a solution, however this make business is always very usecase-specific09:46
jaromilbtw, far from the desktop side, but still very devuan related: next week we'll likely start integration of s6 in devuan!09:47
jaromilless systemd, moar inits09:47
helios21just updated my first Devuan server to Beowulf, it is just a server for backup purposes using borgbackup. Using OpenRC as init. Update worked out of the box without any issues, just like it should be :)19:19
Evilhamhelios21: unless you are using ferm :-D I think there is an RC bug in Debian19:21
Evilhamhave to investigate it this weekend and see if it has an easy fix19:21
Evilhamit will be reported to debian directly though19:21
Evilhamshould be fixed there :-)19:22
helios21I bet with main server I wait till release, and well till I really have migrated to it in the first place. Webserver stuf already migrated from Debian 9 32 bit vm, but mailserver and QuasselIRC stuff not yet, that comes next19:22
Evilham:-p I had a personal upgrade party some hours ago19:22
helios21my approach to firewalls on server is just not to open any ports that should not be open :)19:22
Evilhambesides the ferm thing which is on top of my TODO now, everything went fine19:22
helios21the backup server has just one open port and that is for SSH19:23
helios21the main server has more, but also highly secured.19:23
Evilhamhelios21: btw, you wouldn't happen to know why libmariadbclient18 is gone from buster?19:23
helios21What I do use is sshguard to keep buggers out that like to brute force.19:23
helios21Evilham: no, probably outdated?19:23
Evilhamyup, log noise :-D19:23
Evilhamit's in sid, but not in buster19:24
helios21hmmm, try on package name19:25
helios21and then click excuses there19:25
Evilhamyup, this confused me: `6 old (needed 2 days)`19:26
EvilhamI wondered if it still needed 2 days19:26
Evilhamor if the other things are actually blocking the migration19:26
Evilhamoh well, that' slike 4th on my TODO :-p19:26
helios21hmmm, no idea, probably is blocking this19:26
KatolaZEvilham: in deep freeze there is no automatic migration19:26
helios21yep its Severity: serious19:27
Evilhammakes sense then19:27
KatolaZall automatic migrations stopped at the end of March19:27
helios21ah, okay, yeah, could also be due to needing an unblock request to be handled19:27
helios21Bug#928345: unblock: akonadi/4:18.08.3-519:28
helios21Bug#927782: unblock: mariadb-10.3/1:10.3.14-119:28
helios21but the later one is marked as done19:28
helios21since 23th of April already19:29
Evilham:-D happens, I'll take a better look at some point, good that I wasn't looking at the wrong place in any case19:29
Evilhamthank you, and good that your upgrades went just fine :-)19:30
helios21"I think with the removal of the transitional libmariadbclient18 from19:30
helios21testing we can consider this transition as finished. The corresponding19:30
helios21manual tracker should be archived as well, there are only a few sid-only19:30
helios21packages left depending on cruft."19:30
helios21this is a traditional package19:30
helios21can be handy to have debian-release mailing list subscribed and archived :)19:31
Evilhamehm /o\ that one I don't have19:31
helios21well, you asked why it is not in testing, and there you have the explanation19:32
helios21ah, you meant the mailinglist19:33
Evilhamindeed, I shall subscribe, thank you19:33
helios21well… sometimes I wonder whether I have too many mailing lists subscribed19:35

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