libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2019-05-15

onefangI likely will be sleeping during the meeting time.  I just updated the pad.13:51
Evilhamhave good rest13:53
telmichmoin moin15:22
telmichanyone planning to / interested in running a booth at froscon?15:22
telmichWe just got a request whether or not we want to run it on
golinuxIt's meet time22:31
golinuxWhere is everybody?22:32
Xenguy.oO( Savuois\\22:32
Xenguy.oO( Savoir-faire is everywhere ... )22:33
golinuxIt's time for the mmet22:36
golinuxIs anybody coming????????????????22:37
XenguyLike herding lemmings ; -)22:38

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