libera/#devuan-dev/ Friday, 2019-05-10

onefangEvilham: for your mirror checker, did you mean python2-h2?  ASCII doesn't have a python3-h.04:15
onefanger python3-h204:15
* onefang tries that again, might be less confusing...04:47
onefangEvilham: for your mirror checker, did you mean python3-h2?  ASCII doesn't have a python3-h.04:48
onefangI keep getting a 500 error when trying to add an email address to gdo.  B-(05:36
onefangThough it looks like it worked after a refresh.05:37
golinuxI can check your account if needed and do stuff manually.05:37
onefangLet's see if I can get it verified and the rest first.05:38
golinuxYeah, you're in there05:38
onefangI'm trying to swap from my yahoo address to my sledjhamr one.05:39
golinuxIt's still yahoo in you profile.05:39
onefangI'm still awaiting the verification email.05:40
golinuxI can fix it if it gets lost.05:41
golinuxCheck your spam05:41
onefangIt just arrived.05:41
onefangHmmm, the emails setting page says it's verified, but on the profile setting page it says it's still waiting for me to click on the confirmation link.05:47
onefangNow I got two more emails.  lol05:48
onefangAll looks good now.05:50
golinuxYes, all fixed05:50
onefangThanks golinux.05:53
onefangShould I have an account on the bug tracker?05:54
golinuxDepends if you want them coming to your inbox.05:56
golinuxI find them mildly annoying because I'm already overloaded05:57
onefangIf people are using the bug tracker to complain about the mirror system, then yes. I want those coming to my email.  I have good sorting, they'll go to their own folder.05:58
golinuxBut then something important will pop up and I'll be glad to see it.05:58
onefangHmmm, that looks to be more package bug tracker, not infra bug tracker.06:05
onefangAnd I'm not finding any account registration linky.06:06
EvilhamI have to finish some stuff now and have a meeting at 13UTC, but I'll see that I have things ready for you in the UTC evening, so your Saturday!08:39
Evilhamonefang: it was menst to be python headers, so python3-dev08:41
onefangI think I'm done with the administrivia.08:42
EvilhamAwesome :-) now we can change it xD08:55
Evilhamdear peeps, I talked to helios21 before and we are starting a repository to gather the definition for user-services with runit (and probably it'd work with s6 too)17:03
EvilhamI remember some work had started on that front, but I didn't find anything about that17:03
Evilham(as in: code)17:03
EvilhamI did find the WIP-init group on gitlab, so I suggested we use this:
Evilhamif there are no objections, the idea is to add a few service directories and pass it through the MLs/forum, so that people who are already doing this / thinking about it have a place to start building something together17:05
Evilham(all of this in the spirit of "more work has to be done for init-diversity")17:05
helios21I thought about just user-services as repo name to allow for it to be generic, but does not really matter.17:10
Evilhamcan be easily renamed :-)17:11
EvilhamI'll do that17:11
EvilhamSince IPv6 connectivity in devuans infra makes it hard to reliably test the mirror infra, I am setting up a dual stack server on my infra for that20:51
EvilhamAll settings and code will be om gdo, so it won't be an issue to move it at a later point20:51
Evilham(and external monitoring is always a decent thing)20:52
onefangWhat's the issues with IPv6?21:47
helios21see my post on dng-ml22:30
* helios21 is now off to play some Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition (with violence level set to zero)22:31
helios21see you22:31
* enyc meows22:50
Evilhamonefang: the issues iwth IPv6 are, from the devuan-infra side, that there is no connectivity23:21
onefangAh, yes, we need something that has IPv6 then.23:21
Evilhamwhich means that if a mirror uses a 302 to, say, and your mirror has dual stack, we can't test that it's properly setup23:22
onefangMy server has IPv6, so it can be added to the external monitoring.23:22
Evilhamthis has lead to random issues before23:22

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