libera/#devuan-dev/ Monday, 2019-05-06

andi89giMorning;) Are there plans working on Cinnamon 4.0 to integrate it Devuan? Xfce 4.14 is going to be released as well soon10:56
andi89giEvilham/KatolaZ: Are there plans for Cinnamon 4.0/Xfce 4.14?16:39
fsmithredandi89gi, probably not until it's in sid/ceres16:41
andi89gifsmithred: it takes some time?16:42
fsmithred3.8.8-1 is in unstable now16:43
fsmithred4.0 might make it to whatever comes after buster/beowulf16:44
fsmithredmaybe AntoFox has other ideas ^^^16:45
andi89gigolinux: Is there sth to work on?17:44
golinuxLatest cinnamon for devuan17:45
golinuxIn AntoFox' repos17:46
andi89gigolinux: Where's his repo on gut? I don't find it18:20
golinuxI'm in a meet atm18:24
andi89gigolinux: thx18:31
golinuxHe used to have another nick also but I can't remember it.18:32
golinuxHe might not be using it anymore.18:32
andi89gigolinux: your link works thx18:48
andi89gibut I'm not sure if cinnamon 4.0 is there?18:49
golinuxI'm not either.  I suspect that it is not yet.18:54
golinuxYou can get it from hezeh.org18:54
andi89gigolinux: yeah agree. Maybe it has to be included still. But I'd suspect AntoFox is going to work on it asap?19:07
golinuxcinnamon-4 in not even in sid/ceres:
andi89gigolinux: okay - so we've to wait, haven't we?19:17
golinuxFor whatever comes after Beowulf/Buster19:18
golinuxnioanto was AntoFox' old nick and I'm not seeing it on git anymore.19:19
andi89gigolinux: ah okay I see :-)19:53
golinuxFYI . . .

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