libera/#devuan-dev/ Friday, 2019-05-03

Xenguycd ..04:38
fsmithredcd -04:39
Xenguy 8 -D04:39
onefangrm -fr *04:39
Xenguypushd /usr/local/src04:39
XenguyToo late04:39
Xenguyonefang: rm -rf actually : -P04:43
Xenguyduty calls04:44
fsmithredrm: cannot remove '*': No such file or directory05:06
pickledpiperIs there anybody out there?11:19
pickledpiperJust nod if you can hear me...11:19
pickledpiperIs there anyone at home?11:19
onefangRelax, I need some information first.11:20
pickledpiperDude is there any quick info on how to get OpenRC on Devuan on a RaspberryPi?11:21
onefangNot off the top of my head, one of the others might be able to answer that, if they are awake.11:21
pickledpiperIt would be REALLY nice if the init/service situation was documented clearly on the Devuan website as this distro is heavily motivated as an alternative to hell.11:22
pickledpiperNot a gripe! Just putting it out there.  I love the work you are all doing.11:23
pickledpiperI'm a Gentoo'er by trade but Devuan feels almost like a second haven from the madness.11:24
onefangNo worries.  If you stick around, someone that knows about that will wake up, see it and answer.  I vaguely recall someone at least tried it.11:25
pickledpiperThanks man.  Appreciate your response.11:25
onefangYou are welcome.11:25
onefangAfter all .. The show must go on.  B-)11:26
pickledpiperanyone with "Just the basic facts?" hehe?11:29
onefangI was almost tempted to say "Can you show me where it hurts?" at the proper spot.  B-)11:30
fsmithredpickledpiper, on desktop systems, you just 'apt-get install openrc' and it will tell you a command to run after it installs, and then you reboot.11:34
fsmithredI don't know if rpi is different11:34
pickledpiperWow! That's cool :)11:34
pickledpiperI'll try it now.11:34
fsmithredif you can't copy/paste that command...11:35
fsmithredget a pencil and paper11:35
onefangfsmithred, you need to answer in Pink Floyd Lyrics.11:35
pickledpiperI got typing skills.11:35
fsmithredonefang, ???11:35
onefangAh, guess you didn't spot our joke.  We were quoting lines form "Comfortably Numb", from Pink Floyds "The Wall" album.11:36
onefangOther albums are available.11:36
fsmithredah... didn't recognize them11:36
pickledpiperIt works as stated on the box!!!11:37
pickledpiperThank you MUCHLY!! Wish this little snippet was on the Devuan Website!11:37
fsmithredit might be there11:38
fsmithredyou can find some discussions about openrc on the forum11:38
fsmithredand also on the mailing list11:39
pickledpiperRaspberry! Wake up little guy!...11:40
pickledpiperOMG... he's down!  Someone help! He's gone... it's too late.  The reboot killed him.  I'll retry this another night.11:41
pickledpiperThanks for the help anyway.11:41
fsmithredyou ran the command to change all the links?11:42
pickledpiperHow do I pastebin again?11:43
fsmithredI do: nc 9999 < some-file11:44
fsmithredYou might get better info in #devuan-arm11:47
pickledpiperAll good :)11:50
pickledpiperI'll try that another time.11:50
onefangWas your Pi heard to sing "There is no pain, you are receding..."?11:55
onefangAnd I missed a chance for "I cannot put my finger on it now".11:58
pickledpiperThe child has gone the dream is gone!12:09
* onefang smiles.12:09
golinux   :D20:14
gnu_srs1golinux: :)20:29
helios21golinux: thanks, you are welcome. FluxBB is really nice.21:09

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