libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2019-05-01

andi89giMorning guys;) Have a nice vacation day today12:28
andi89giKatolaZ: Are you here?16:15
KatolaZwill be here later maybe16:20
golinuxHeads up!  Today's regular weekly meet has been canceled20:43
onefangDoh!  I was waiting for it.20:45
golinuxSo sorry . . .20:46
onefangOh well, I'll know more about my availability next week anyway.20:46
Evilhamonefang: was there anything specific you wanted to discuss? :-D20:56
* Evilham whispers: mirror master20:56
onefangYep, but that's been delayed a little.20:56
golinuxAh the mirror whisperer20:56
onefangMirror herder?20:57
Evilham:-D sure, whatever :-D20:57
Evilhamit'll be alright, don't worry onefang ^^20:57
onefangThe other engineers and I have agreed that this particular client might not be worth the effort, but we still have a day or two of talking about it.20:58
Evilham^^ cross fingers that's solved soon one way or another20:59

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