libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2019-04-30

golinuxFYI: Gnome desktop now works on Devuan - - elogind magic?01:30
LeePengolinux: excellent!08:51
golinuxLeePen: Yes, I was surprised and pleased that the init-diversity team has done an end run around systemd.  Well don all of you!18:13
kilobyteGnome works?  Awesome!  I mean, not Gnome itself -- I believe it sucks hard, but being actually able to test it on bare metal on at least machine I own :p19:32
kilobyteits compat with machines even slightly inconventional (anything ARM; nouveau crashes on my old box) is abysmal19:33
kilobytethen a new box in turn is allergic to systemd :p19:34
kilobytebut with elogind...19:34
golinuxkilobyte: Yes, this is impressive news.  As you said . . .not gnome itself but that it runs sans systemd!  Perhaps you'll give it a spin to confirm?20:28
kilobytecan't, about to depart for the long weekend (holidays in Poland Wed-Sun this week)20:29
kilobyteunless in a VM of course20:29
fsmithredWill there be maypoles?22:18

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