libera/#devuan-dev/ Sunday, 2019-04-21

Centurion_DanEvilham: Yeah, I'd come across that.  It's an interesting concept, but as far as I'm aware it's not implemented in any packages.  If it were, that would make our life much easier.03:53
andi89giMorning guys;) I want to help you on developing process. How can I get started on your distro?08:34
Evilhamandi89gi: :-D10:28
Evilhamandi89gi: the most pressing thing is help with packaging, see
EvilhamAnd here are some candidates:
EvilhamCenturion_Dan: since when is "not implemented" a reason to discard things? :-)10:40
andi89giCenturion_Dan: Hi;)15:22
fsmithredbeowulf is not getting updates16:32
andi89gifmsithred: Hi, maybe you can help me? I want to help you in developing, maintaining Devuan16:35
fsmithredgreat, we need help16:35
fsmithredhang around in irc and on the mailing list16:35
fsmithreddid you look at the package list that evilham posted?16:35
fsmithredapt-cache policy synaptic -
fsmithredit's been in buster for a few days, still not in beowulf16:37
fsmithredEvilham, Centurion_Dan rrq jaromil ^^^16:38
Evilham=-/ I do wish I could do something16:40
andi89gifsmithred: unfortunatly; I can't scroll back to what @Evilham has posted earlier16:44
Evilhamandi89gi: the most pressing thing is help with packaging, see
EvilhamAnd here are some candidates:
EvilhamAdding now: if you happen to be knowledgeable in the reproducible builds system in debian, we should discuss that more :-)16:45
andi89giEvilham: thx again;)16:48
andi89gilet me first set up the steps16:49
EvilhamGood luck :-D16:52
fsmithredwhen we get installer isos built, we will need people to do test installs16:52
andi89giEvilham: thx xD16:53
andi89gifsmithred: I've got 2 machines, which I don't use for my daily work :D16:53
Evilhamandi89gi: also, make sure you write down what is unclear16:54
EvilhamAnd if it becomes clear after thinking a bit / reading a bit, it'd be useful to know jow it can be made easier16:54
Evilham(e.g. link to documentation for X or Y)16:54
andi89giEvilham: When I'm wanting to create d1h cache - error "syntax error at line 1"?17:06
EvilhamFun :+)17:07
fsmithredI get that here in jessie, too. Haven't used d1h in a long time.17:08
fsmithredandi89gi, you might have to use git commands17:08
EvilhamI can take a look in a few mins17:10
fsmithredcool, thanks17:10
fsmithreddid you also see my message about beowulf repo?17:10
andi89giEvilham: thx ;)17:12
andi89gifsmithred: yeah I try doing this xD17:13
Evilhamandi89gi: are you on Beowulf or Ascii?17:17
golinuxI seem to remember that the location of the debian source had changed. Don't know whether KatplaZ ever got around to changing that.  Or it may be something else entirely.  I sometimes mix things yp.17:57
golinuxKatolaZ really17:58
Evilhampossible :-)17:58
EvilhamI just got to my computer a few mins ago17:58
andi89gibtw I'm compiling Kernel 5.0.9 on Devuan xD18:19
andi89giHi ;) I'm back and now running Kernel 5.0.9 on Ascii ;)19:34
andi89giEvilham: do you have time to go through with my setting up?21:03
Centurion_DanI could probably do something but after jaromil eviscerated me over it seems every action now needs committee approval...23:15
Centurion_Danatleast everything I do...23:15

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