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Centurion_DanEvilham: whats the error on pkgmaster?01:25
onefangCenturion_Dan: do you get the "Devuan Package Mirrors -- weekly update" emails?  That's what we where talking about.01:57
Centurion_Danyes I do.  That's why I was asking... if pkgmaster is broke then it is obvious that all the downstream mirrors will be brok too...01:58
onefangPkgmaster is only failing the https test, not all of the others are failing that test, only most of them.  My mirror isn't failing that test.01:59
Centurion_Danhttps looks fine on pkgmaster... is the test dodgy??02:02
onefangI dunno.  This weeks tests and last weeks tests look like they failed in the lame way.02:03
onefangEr "same way".02:03
onefang12 out of 17 servers all failing the https test doesn't sound right to me, so I do suspect something wrong with the testing.  Or something wrong with a common CA.02:09
onefangThe tests from two weeks ago, only 2 servers failed https.02:14
onefangAnd between that one and these last two is when KatolaZ quit.02:16
* golinux sheds a tear . . .02:24
Centurion_Dangolinux: what for?02:28
Centurion_Danonefang: can you point to the test code?02:28
onefangI think it's scripts/ on any package mirror, but it's been a long time since I checked that.02:31
onefangNope, that's a different test.02:34
onefangSo no, I can't point to the test code.02:34
onefangFirst one I checked is using the same CA I am, so that's not likely to be the problem.02:41
golinuxWhat for?  KatolaZ' departure.02:42
golinuxHit all of us pretty hard.02:43
onefangAnd while poking at this problem, I notice the list of mirrors in that email doesn't match the list on
onefangIs Evilham still running his mirror checking page?  What does that say?  I've lost track of the URL for it.02:51
golinux but the cert is expired.  There may be another URL02:52
onefangIt's not there any more, I checked that already.02:53
dethaOnce upon a time I had a mirror checker that actually scraped the mirrorlist off, and checked all those. Generally it gave so many red lines I gave up on it.11:28
EvilhamI am stil rebuilding my server :-D have had more urgent matters12:38
EvilhamRe: failure's it could also be just a timing issue, I'll take a look12:47
EvilhamBut it is nothing to be worrying like crazy about :-D12:48
EvilhamFWIW: I just ran my mirror checker and everything looks fine17:48
EvilhamThe checks are failing because the package that is being checked has been superseeded :-)17:56
EvilhamI'll see that I get that fixed17:56
dethajust check one of the index files, those should always be there17:57
Evilhamdetha: that's not enough, in order to say "mirror works fine", we also need to check redirects and up-to-dateness17:57
Evilhamand redirects are checked against "known packages"17:58
Evilhamand I see that KalotaZ' scripts, like mine, lack the bit of "Auto discover some package in the different parts that have to be checked"17:58
dethaso, index file, find known package, follow17:58
Evilhamthat TODO basically17:59
Evilhamand just like that, there is a shell script made by KatolaZ, which is the one that pushes the monthly email17:59
Evilhamodd :-D no ipv6, that's very odd18:55
Evilhamoh, no, actually that's not that odd18:55
EvilhamRR doesn't have IPv6 addresses \o/18:55
dethanice (the checker working again). not nice (no v6). and 'wut' (roundr is delegated away from the main nameservers?)19:55
Evilhamyeah :-D there are... good reasons for that19:56
Evilhamfor not having ipv6 addresses in the RR, I think there are no good reasons19:57
dethaheh. CNAME Was there ever a ?19:59
Evilham(I dislike wildcard entries)20:02
dethaso do I. Annoying setup if there is no good reason for it20:02
Evilhamoh, I used them for some time :-D20:07
Evilhamwhen I was less experienced20:07
Evilhamin this context though, there is a "good" reason, that hopefully will disappear soon20:07
dethaOne can but hope. To an outsider like me who doesn't know the reasons it looks somewhat chaotic (optimist view), or showing all the signs of internal power struggles (pessimist view)20:27
Evilhamon that note, Barça plays today, which means transportation is Chaos and I have to use the time window to move :-D20:27
EvilhamI was reading some debian docs now and thought "huh, this sounds like sth that could add a nosystemd rule"21:45
EvilhamThen kept on reading21:45
Evilham"Instead, derivatives should make use of the general profile names and propose new ones where required. Downstreams like Devuan for example could make use of a nosystemd profile."21:45

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