libera/#devuan-dev/ Thursday, 2019-04-18

m10kSo I'm considering setting up a package mirror, but I'm unsure about the disk requirements. Can somebody provide any insights?15:15
m10kThe walkthrough document I've found makes it seem like the size might be anywhere between 8G and 2T..15:16
Evilhamm10k: do you have a debian mirror already?15:27
xinomilodevuan packages is ~26G15:30
m10kNope, I don't have a debian mirror. I'm guessing that means I'll need 26G + the size of the debian mirror?15:34
xinomilonot if you don't want to. check this :
xinomiloyou use rewrite rules for debian pool15:42
m10kAh thanks, I didn't read the document that far..15:48
m10kGreat, in that case I'll be setting up a mirror15:48
onefang might be useful to you as well, though it's a little out of date.16:01
m10konefang: Thanks, very interesting read! I expected much more traffic on the package mirror, though. Has it increased since the article was written?16:40
onefangI should pull my finger out and add more traffic graphs.  I can't tell you off the top of my head how much things might have changed.16:42
onefangAlso I recall there was a minor config change needed long after I wrote that.16:50
m10kFor what it's worth, I guess that means the traffic probably hasn't increased dramatically / sustainably16:57
m10kAnyways, I'm still looking for a good provider to host the mirror, so I suppose I'll come back as soon as I've got at least ssh and iptables configured17:03
m10kIt's getting late over here, so thanks and goodnight everyone17:15

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