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furrymcgeeappreciate algosov initiative, thanks10:12
Centurion_DanY_Plentyn: Evilham: I've been looking hard and lsb-base and I can't see why we continue to fork it.  I think we should drop the fork and rely on Debians package.  Can anybody running beowulf confirm that lsb-release -a provides correct output??13:45
EvilhamCenturino_Dan: things break if they think they run on Debian, that's why lsb is forked15:14
Evilhame.g. ansible, maybe even unatended-upgrades, etc etc15:15
Evilhamthere is a long list. That being said: I haven't really taken a look at the latest version15:15
Evilhambut it is likely to be reporting "this is Debian buster", which can end up with weird behaviours15:15
EvilhamIn any case: the current state, where ceres' version is older than beowulf's is just plain wrong15:21
Evilhamsince it's the unstable version, if you want to fix something lsb-release related, the low hanging fruit is to get ceres' version to be the same as beowulf's15:22
Evilhamthat should fix quite a few issues other people have been having while testing our unstable15:22
KatolaZEvilham: the current state is due to the fact that there is no version built for beowulf15:24
KatolaZsince it should be first built for ceres15:25
EvilhamI am aware of no version being built for beowulf, but actually: right now we are pushing on beowulf debian's version15:25
Evilhamso, I'd argue here consistency would be better (and also: my systems report properly to lsb_release -a, but maybe that's because of one of the many things I do on top of them, so it should be tested with an empty VM)15:26
Evilham^^^^ under beowulf, that is15:27
Centurion_DanI've taken a hard look at the code and for what little is left of the lsb source package, it appears that lsb-release -a should report devuan information correctly with debians package.  I just wanted to save myself having to spin a vm just to verify... although I guess it's one way to actually test libvirt stuff on my Talos whIch I haven't done yet ;-)15:42
EvilhamCenturion_Dan: it appears to be working well-enough so far, I'd really suggest getting rid of the forked version on ceres to begin with15:44
Evilhamit's breaking very weird things and otoh beowulf having debian's version hasn't shown to break anything obvious (which was the case with jessie and ascii)15:44
fsmithredmy beowulf lsb_release -a reports devuan (it's a non-devuanized lsb-base)15:48
fsmithredsame output as xinomilo reported in #devuan15:48
Evilham:-D precisely my point15:48
Centurion_Dancool lets remove the forked package from ceres.15:49
fsmithredyay, less work for us15:49
Centurion_DanI've just tested her on my ceres ppc64el talosII15:49
Centurion_Danok lsb packages have been removed from ceres too, so in a few minutes we should see ceres get the new versions.15:58
Centurion_Danfrom debian.15:58
Evilhamwhen amprolla runs again, great15:58
Evilhamthat should fi a few things15:58
Centurion_DanAny breakages let me know ;-)15:58
fsmithredI watched the video of my presentation today. At the time, I didn't know that someone was asking a question in irc. (Kaptain Ufolog)18:33
fsmithrednow I'd like to answer him. Where can I do that?18:33
obeardlyYou're just going to have to find Kaptain Ufolog in their respective IRC channels.18:59
obeardlyDo you know what channel the question was asked in?19:00
fsmithredno, I don't19:00
fsmithredwhatever we were monitoring during the talks19:00
fsmithredtrascript is posted on the youtube page19:00
LeePenCenturion_Dan: the lsb packages in ceres still seem to be [ceres] lsb-base-4.1+devuan2. Should amprolla have updated by now?19:29
Centurion_DanLeePen: indeed it should have...  I don't understand why.  I've asked parazyd to look into it but had no response yet...21:47
Centurion_Danit appears updates aren't propogating onto pkgmaster infact it appears that unstable hasn't updated in about 2 weeks...21:49
Centurion_Danbut dak is up to date and rsyncing.22:24

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