libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2019-04-10

Y_PlentynI am trying to debuild ffmpeg on a ceres/ascii system. It needs dpkg from ceres. doing "apt -t ceres install dpkg" I get:15:36
Y_Plentyn dpkg : Breaks: lsb-base (< 10.2019031300) but 4.1+devuan2 is to be installed15:36
Y_Plentynis that known? how can I handle that?15:36
fsmithredY_Plentyn, Hi! It's a known issue. lsb-base needs to be fixed15:45
* fsmithred goes back to sleep15:45
Y_Plentynwhat can I do to fix lsb?15:57
furrymcgeethere is lsb-base update in beowulf16:15
Y_Plentynfurrymcgee: why is it not in ceres?16:15
Y_Plentynok, i see. I will try to use the version from beowulf16:24
Y_Plentynbut this does not feel very sane16:25
fsmithredthe package needs to be rebuilt for devuan16:29
fsmithredthe devuanized version is in jessie, ascii and ceres. The newer upstream version is in beowulf. (Not sure how that happened)16:30
Y_Plentynis the reason why the old lsb version is still in place that devuan wants to keep up lsb-support?16:39
EvilhamY_Plentyn: don't know details about versions right now but many things expect lsb to be there16:42
Evilhamwould have to take a look16:42
Y_PlentynEvilham: I do not talk about the package, but about the concept16:57
Y_Plentyndebian decided to part with lsb16:58
Y_Plentynand I can unterstand that17:01
Evilhamthere are still packages lsb-base on buster, sid and experimental17:03
Evilhamand devuan's version is outdated in ceres17:03
Evilhambasically, this requires checking e.g. why beowulf has same version as debian, maybe KatolaZ  knows that :-D17:05
Y_PlentynI know - that was the problem. My primary question is: why has it not been updated following the debian versions - possibly with devuan specific variation17:06
Evilhamthe answer is usually: because nobody has gotten around to do that17:08
Evilhamyou can solve your problem btw right now, by installing lsb-base from beowulf (it's the same version)17:09
Y_Plentyni just did that17:09
Evilhamthis should totally be looked into though, thank you17:10
Centurion_DanI am working on this, but have been delayed by other things....  I hope to get the new lsb packages built today.21:22
Y_PlentynCenturion_Dan: \o/22:37
Centurion_DanEvilham: do you know if lsb-base from upstream breaks anything specific?22:38

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