libera/#devuan-dev/ Sunday, 2019-04-07

Evilhamtelmich: if you are to use https for mirrors, you better set it to a specific mirror knstead of deb.devuan.org01:46
KatolaZtelmich: does not support https01:48
KatolaZ   <- telmich01:49
EvilhamBasically, there is no easy way to distribute the tls certs because the mirrors are provided by different institutions and individuals (like the one you host)01:49
EvilhamBasically, you should use mirror.dcl :-)01:50
Evilham(and I should use other adverbs)01:54
telmichEvilham: KatolaZ: detha thanks for clarification. I was just following the architecture diagram from KatolaZ presentation and my broswer automatically went to https08:13
fsmithredI'm running late this morning.09:02
fsmithredWell, more like walking.09:02

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