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AlolaPikachuI'm trying to dist-upgrade to Ceres but getting a weird issue, it's telling me that packages depend on x11-common which isn't going to be installed16:01
AlolaPikachuBut it's already installed16:01
plasma41AlolaPikachu: Maybe a specific version is required?16:02
AlolaPikachuI'm coming over from Arch so my apt-fu isn't exactly great.16:02
AlolaPikachuYeah, that's what I'm thinking, apt upgrade has a lot of packages held back but x11-common isn't in that list. That's why I assumed I needed to do dist-upgrade16:03
plasma41Maybe you have an out of date cache. Does 'apt-get update' help?16:04
AlolaPikachuIs there a difference between apt and apt-get or are they aliased?16:04
plasma41apt is quasi-wrapper around the various apt-* commands16:05
AlolaPikachuAh OK, in that case no, apt update doesn't help. I ran that just before apt dist-upgrade.16:05
plasma41What does `aptitude why-not x11-common` respond with?16:06
AlolaPikachuManually installed, current version 1:7.7+19, priority optional16:07
AlolaPikachuNo dependencies require to remove x11-common16:07
plasma41ceres is by nature unstable. It's not unusual for dist-upgrading to it to not error out.16:09
plasma41For visualizing dependency issues, aptitude can be a great tool.16:10
plasma41In aptitude, 'b' jumps to the next broken package16:10
plasma41pika pika16:18
AlolaPikachuSorry about that.16:21
AlolaPikachuYeah, I'm just wondering if someone else here has had/resolved the issue16:21
plasma41pika pika16:21
plasma41I think most folks here expect a dist-upgrade to unstable to be a rocky road.16:23
AlolaPikachuUnderstood, I mostly just want a newer kernel to fix the i915 issues on gen 8 i716:23
plasma41AlolaPikachu: In that case I'd recommend just installing a newer kernel from testing/unstable and leaving the rest of the system as is.16:26
AlolaPikachuI mean right now I'm on a frankenstein system with a bunch of packages from ceres but no dist-upgrade16:36
AlolaPikachuIf anyone does have advice for getting onto full ceres, that'd be really useful, I'm having to do horrible things like compile npm from scratch right now.17:27
plasma41AlolaPikachu: My system is in between ASCII and Beowulf. 1925 packages installed. 62.3% ASCII and 37.7% Beowulf17:56
AlolaPikachuIs there a place to browse available packages per release?17:58
plasma41AlolaPikachu: There's the Packages files at[RELEASE_NAME]/main/binary-[ARCH]/Packages.[gz|xz]18:15
telmichis it possible that the certificate of is wrong?18:56
telmich*  subject: C=DE; ST=Bayern; L=Erlangen; O=Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg; OU=RRZE; CN=ftp.fau.de18:56
telmichfrom [18:55] line:~% curl -Iv
dethathat is perfectly normal. Random cert from a round-robin mirror19:10

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