libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2019-03-27

LeePengnu_srs: ping09:24
golinuxPad for today's meet:
fsmithredwas just about to ask15:47
fsmithredI'll be there.15:48
golinuxI hope that jaromil can make it15:48
jaromili have a rather big box here, full of finely printed t-shirts15:49
golinuxbasati was asking to get one15:55
jaromilthere is abundance16:10
golinuxHow can he order one?16:12
jaromilif he is not here nor has someone to bring him then best chance is from the outreach link on the webpage16:47
LeePengolinux: SOrry, I have a regular commitment on Wednesday evening so can't make it.17:03
LeePenI do have ceres/beowulf updates for slim, xfce4-session policykit-1 and cups-filters for review though when somebody has time.17:04
KatolaZLeePen: will try to review them ASAP17:05
LeePenKatolaZ: Thanks17:06
golinuxjaromil:  He has health issues.  There is no useful merchandise link on the outreach page.17:39
golinuxAt least for conference T-shirts.  What exactly is on them?17:40
golinuxHe wants a conference shirt  if there is one17:40
golinuxOr is ot just generic Devuan?17:40
golinuxYes LeePen, you have mentioned that before.  Bad timing for you unfortunately.17:41
jaromilits the same design17:42
golinuxOK.  I'll tell him then.  He thought it would be a conference-specific slogan17:49
plasma41I won't be at the meeting today. I'll be busy helping a friend with his computer.19:52
golinuxplasma41: Will probably be mostly about the conf.  I imagine there might not be a meet next week.  Read the pad to find out.20:21
cameronnemoHola everybody.22:12

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